WATCH I Furious Jason Roy argues with umpire, refuses to walk after being ruled caught behind

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VIDEO | Furious Jason Roy argues with umpire, refuses to walk after being ruled caught behind

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In one of the more astonishing moments in a rather dull encounter, English opener Jason Roy refused to walk despite the umpire ruling him out, suggesting he didn't hit the ball. Roy stood his ground for a good while, arguing with the umpires, before eventually walking off the field.

Despite Aussie skipper Aaron Finch wasting a review on his first ball earlier today, batting teams have generally handled DRS with caution early on in the innings in fear of not getting out to a howler. However, today, Jason Roy found himself on the wrong side of things as he got out to a howler only to have no reviews left, thanks to his partner Jonny Bairstow, who had unsuccessfully used up a review a few moments earlier. 

With England coasting at 147/1, on the fourth ball of the 19th over, a desperate Pat Cummins came steaming in, in search of a wicket, with Jason Roy batting on 85. The effort ball from Cummins rose up to the shoulder of Roy who tried to hook the ball, and there seemed to be a noise as the ball passed his bat as it went to the keeper. The Aussies went up in unison and despite not being convinced on the first look, umpire Kumar Dharmasena took his time before eventually ruling Roy out.

Roy, who has convinced that he didn't hit the ball, went for a review but then was reminded that England had run out of reviews. Furious with the decision, an angry Roy stood his ground in the hope of the decision getting overturned, and refused to leave the field, signalling that the ball was a wide and that he did not hit it. 

The English opener then went on to have a heated argument with umpire Dharmasena, before square umpire Marais Erasmus stepped in to diffuse the situation. The two umpires then gathered in the middle and asked Roy to leave the field, after which the opener obliged, signalling to Root that the ball was a wide, on his way back to the pavilion. 

The incident would definitely go down as one of the most bizarre incidents of this World Cup, but if anything, it has only emphasized the importance of not wasting reviews. 

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