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Biggest football transfers of this season

The transfer window for the season 2017/18 opened in June and since then transfers have come thick and fast as clubs have not held back on spending. English Premier League clubs have dominated and spent the most during the ongoing transfers and it is all set to be a record-breaking summer.
Rohan Chawla
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Five greatest comebacks in the Champions League

Football is the biggest sport in the world and while the masses tune in to watch the World Cup, die-hard fans will tell you that there is nothing better than two teams fighting it out in the Champions League. This competition has provided some of the best moments, along with the biggest stars.
SportsCafe Desk
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Five managers who didn't deserve the sack

Football may be one of the most beautiful things to witness in the world, but the business end of the sport is as ruthless as the dictatorships of old. After the fairytale of Leicester City's Premier League triumph, just months later has come the sacking of its architect Claudio Ranieri.
Faizan Qadiri
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Who will win the La Liga title - A detailed analysis

Despite housing both the greatest players of our era, little thought has been given to claims that the La Liga could be the best league in the world -it being a two-horse race and all that. But, it appears they are the only major league where the champion has not become a certainty yet this year.
Faizan Qadiri
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Five reasons why Premier League is the best league in the world

The numerous reasons why the Premier League is considered as the toughest league in the world which also makes it the most followed football league worldwide. From the top managers, the intensity, the busy schedule all culminate to make the English top-flight the best league in the world.
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10 football moments to remember in 2016

It’s been an action-filled 2016 for all football aficionados all across the globe with some memorable performances for fans to remember. We’ve witnessed some spectacular football all year round so here are the top 10 footballing moments of the year:
Tejas Sirohi
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Tactical Analysis | How an error-prone Madrid managed to draw against Barcelona

Real Madrid maintained their six-point difference over Barcelona in the La Liga table by escaping with a point at Camp Nou in what was below-par Clasico. Luis Suarez seemed to have sealed 3 points with a 53rd-minute header, but Sergio Ramos scored in the dying minutes to end the match 1-1.
Samarendranath Soory
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Five times Messi and Ronaldo left their mark on the El Clasico

When the fixtures for a season are announced, being a Manchester United fan I quickly check two fixtures - Liverpool at Anfield and the derby at Old Trafford. Then I switch to the La Liga to see when the first El Clasico of the season is scheduled.
Faizan Qadiri
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Top ten worst dives in modern-day football

Football rules, that were made to help the players on the pitch, have seen some of the individuals taking advantage of those rules to showcase their acting chops. While some were convincing enough to fool both the audience and the referees, some of them were flat out fails.
Samarendranath Soory
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Five football records that are unlikely to be broken

It is often said that "records are meant to be broken." The current generation of football fans have lived in an era when Messi and Ronaldo have wreaked havoc on all sorts of records, and it doesn't appear like they are done yet.
Faizan Qadiri