Twist in Narsingh dope saga - Brother of another int'l wrestler suspected

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Twist in Narsingh dope saga - Brother of another int'l wrestler suspected

In a Bollywood-style development to the Narsingh doping scandal, reports emerged that the culprit in Narsingh's case is the brother of an international super-heavyweight wrestler. Narsingh is learnt to have personally filed an FIR immediately after the suspected incident came to light.

Narsingh Yadav's already-controversial Olympic bid prematurely ended when the wrestler was found to have banned substances in his sample last week. However, the wrestler, like several such cases in the past, alleged that there was a conspiracy to prevent him from going to Rio. And unlike several cases, he may probably be the wronged party as developments emerge day after day. Initial suspicions had centered around why a wrestler who had already qualified in a particular weight category would consume a substance that could push him over the weight limit, that too days before the Olympics.

Soon, Narsingh declared his innocence claiming that it is all a conspiracy against him.

"This is a conspiracy against me. I have never taken any banned substance," said Narsingh.

WFI assistant secretary Vinod Tomar also supported him saying, "The fact that Narisngh's teammate at the camp has also tested positive for the same substance, it clearly looks to be a foul play. Both the wrestlers were consuming the same supplements as they were roommates. It arises suspicion," reported PTI.

"There was a high quantity of steroid in the sample, which is hard to believe. It seems like a deliberate thing. Why would anyone take such high dose," he questioned.

In a new development, ToI reported that the brother of an international wrestler, who frequents the Sonipat camp as a sparring partner may be the possible culprit in the saga. The wrestler is apparently reported to have been loitering around Narsingh's room when Narsingh had been touring Bulgaria with the team. He is alleged to have asked for Narsingh's room keys during that time. When inquired, he is reported to have feigned ignorance asking, "Yeh Pawan ka room hai, na?" (Isn't this Pawan's room)?”

Haryan police have confirmed that Narsingh has filed a complaint against certain people in the camp.

"He claimed that he suspects a few people who may have spiked his food supplements and water," said a source in Haryana Police.

Narsingh also expressed his regret at having continued to practice at the Sonipat camp despite advice by multiple people to shift his sessions elsewhere.

"Had I stayed in Mumbai for training instead of Sonipat, I would not have landed in the dope trouble," he said.

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