Asia cup might get postponed if India reach WTC final, concedes Ehsan Mani

Asia cup might get postponed if India reach WTC final, concedes Ehsan Mani

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The Asia Cup might get pushed to 2023



Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani conceded that the chances of Asia Cup happening in 2021 might be slim and claimed that the tournament might get postponed if India reach the World Test Championship Final. As things stand, dates of the Asia Cup are set to clash with the WTC Final.

Originally scheduled for 2020, the Asia Cup got postponed owing to the pandemic, which brought the sport to a standstill for close to four months. It was then pushed to 2021, with the idea that the tournament would be played in a June/July/August/September window, based on the availability of the countries partaking. However, according to PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani, the tournament might have to be postponed once again, this time to 2023, should India reach the World Test Championship Final.

Speaking to reporters, Mani admitted that the Asia Cup won’t go ahead if India reach the WTC Final and conceded that a clash of dates could see the tournament pushed to 2023.

"Asia Cup was set to go last year but it got postponed to this year. Right now, it looks like Asia Cup won't be going ahead this year as the WTC finals are set to go ahead in June. Sri Lanka had said that they would try to host the tournament in June," Mani told reporters in Karachi during a press conference.

"The dates are clashing. We think the tournament would not be going ahead, and we might have to push the tournament to 2023.”

The same point was reiterated by PCB CEO Wasim Khan, who also admitted that it is unlikely that the Asia Cup will go ahead this year.

"It looks like India has reached the finals and they will clash against New Zealand. This is why the Asia Cup set to be played in Sri Lanka won't go ahead. We are waiting for confirmation but if it does not go ahead, we are planning for the future," said Khan during a virtual press conference.

As things stand, India will only need to secure a draw in the fourth and final Test against England to progress to the final of the World Test Championship. 

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