ODI cricket needs to find its relevance, remarks Ravichandran Ashwin

ODI cricket needs to find its relevance, remarks Ravichandran Ashwin

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Ravichandran Ashwin has said that ODIs should find its relevance



Ravichandran Aswin has stated that the 50-over format needs to find its relevance with its importance being reduced as compared to other formats. Ashwin also suggested that only one ball per innings should be used instead of using two new balls per innings as the spinner will come into play more.

India and England are up against each other in a three-match ODI series and the visitors are leading by 1-0. T20 cricket is rising in its popularity and Test cricket has got its relevance due to World Test Championship. ODI cricket is been considered an extended form of the T20Is and many former cricketers have vouched for rising in its importance. 

Ravichandran Ashwin has also shared his views saying T20I needs to find its relevance. 

"It's a question of relevance and I think ODI cricket needs to find its relevance. It needs to find its spot. The greatest beauty of one day cricket is – sorry was – the ebbs and flows of the game. People used to bide their time and take the game deep. The one-day format used to be a format where bowlers had a say," Ashwin stated on a podcast with Michael Vaughan.


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As per the latest set of rules in ODIs, two different balls are used from both ends. Earlier, only one ball was used used throughout the innings. It is also used to bring reverse swing in the game at the back end. Ashwin has suggested that the ODIs should switch to using one ball throughout the innings. 

"I think one ball is something that would work and spinners would come into the game to bowl more at the back end. Reverse swing might come back in, which is crucial for the game," he explained.

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