Switch hit should be banned completely, opines Scott Styris

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Former New Zealand cricketer Scott Styris has called for a complete ban on switch hit in the future as it hands bowlers an unfair disadvantage. Styris further added that batter shouldn’t be allowed the freedom to change their hands and feet over as there are too many field restrictions in existence.

Cricket is continuously evolving and the batters are being more brave and more innovative with it. Switch hit is the stroke that is often used by players and they score a lot of runs with it. Ravichandran Ashwin recently said that batters should be given LBW when they are attempting a switch hit. He also added that this law will establish parity between batting and bowling. 

Scott Styris has shared his views and suggested that the switch hit should be completely banned from the game. He also further echoed the comments made by Ashwin. 


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“Well, I sort of gotta go back half a step here. I loved a lot of the points that Ashwin made. I completely disagreed with all his solutions. I actually think even though we just had some fun with the switch hit, I think the switch hit should be banned completely. There are rules for captains and bowlers in terms of where their fieldsmen can be, how many behind point, how many on the leg side, all of these things,” Styris said on a SPORTS18’s news show. 

“So, I don't think a batsman should be able to change his hands over and I don't believe he should be able to change his feet. You can play the reverse sweep or the reverse hit if you like but I don't like this. said Styris.”

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