Those who say that we can’t celebrate because it was Fulham don’t respect them, claims Granit Xhaka

Those who say that we can’t celebrate because it was Fulham don’t respect them, claims Granit Xhaka

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Arsenal star Granit Xhaka has hit out at the critics and revealed that everyone needs to show respect towards other clubs and said that Arsenal shouldn’t celebrate because it’s Fulham don’t respect them. This comes after Richard Keys criticized Arsenal for celebrating after they beat Fulham.

Following Arsenal’s dramatic win over Fulham in Gameweek 4, the Gunners exploded with joy at the Fulham time whistle and celebrated their hearts out after the tough battle. However, the decision to do that backfired as pundits Richard Keys and Graeme Souness hit out at the Gunners as they believed that given that it was only Fulham, the North Londoners over-celebrated the win. That didn’t go down with the Arsenal fans as they responded in like by bursting firecrackers after the 2-1 win over Aston Villa.


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It also saw Granit Xhaka admit that players, pundits and fans need to “have respect for every club” and their supporters which means people who say “that we can’t celebrate because it was Fulham” don’t have that. Not only that, Xhaka went on to defend Fulham and revealed that the Cottagers are a good team and deserve to be respected but added that they will celebrate when they win against anyone.

"You have respect for every club and the people if they say that we can’t celebrate because it was Fulham, they don’t respect the Fulham team. You saw them as well on Tuesday [against Brighton], they won again. They have lost only against us in five games. So give them some credit, give them some respect,” Xhaka said, reported Goal.

“If you don’t celebrate, they say to us: ‘Why don’t you celebrate?’ If we celebrate, they say: ‘Why you celebrate?’ So sometimes you can’t make everyone happy. This is our job, this is what we want to do. We celebrate if we win, it doesn’t matter against who.”

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