Convinced that if team is playing well then each player will have chance to shine, proclaims Marco Reus

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Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus has rejected any claims that he is the club’s figurehead and instead admitted that if the team does well, then others get the chance to do the same. The German also confessed that Jude Bellingham could be one of the best in the world within two to three years.

Despite his horrendous luck with injuries over the years, few players have been as consistent or prolific for Borussia Dortmund as Marco Reus ever since he arrived. The German was once a highly touted talented but injuries took away his chance for a mega move although there has always been interest in the now 33-year-old. But despite that, Reus has been loyal to Dortmund, making well over 350 appearances since he arrived. And it has paid off, as Reus, the captain, is in fine form going into their Champions League clash against Manchester City.

Yet despite his form, the German has been praised for his leadership and ability to drag the team forward on the field which has always helped in a team that is often filled with young talent. But Reus refuted claims that he is the club’s figurehead and instead admitted that his goal is to help the team and he’s willing to “play in a style” that is best for that. He also added that he believes if the team does well, then each player in the squad get the chance to show their talent.

“It doesn’t reflect my character that I want to be seen as the face of the club or the star of the team. My goal is to play in a style that’s best for the team. I’m convinced that if the team is playing well, each player will have the chance to shine and excel. My approach is to play the best possible way for the teammates next to me, in front of me, behind me,” Reus told the Guardian.

The Westfalenstadion side has always been chock full of world class talent which is the case this season as well and prime amongst them is Jude Bellingham. The Englishman has thrived ever since his move to Dortmund and it has seen many critics tout the youngster for great things. Reus didn’t hold back either as he admitted that he believes Bellingham is taking steps “towards reaching his full potential” and could be “one of the best players in the game”.

“From day one, he (Jude Bellingham) has not shied away from taking responsibility in midfield. He never seemed to be intimidated by playing against 25-year-olds or really experienced players. I must admit I didn’t know too much about him when he came.”

“But my first impression was that, while he was not yet a complete player, he already had something to his game in all aspects of his position that I had never seen before for a player of his age. At 19, he’s taking steps towards reaching his full potential, which will make him one of the best players in the game in two or three years’ time,” he added.

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