Experience allows you to see things differently and your responses are calmer, proclaims Brendan Rodgers

Experience allows you to see things differently and your responses are calmer, proclaims Brendan Rodgers

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Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers professed that his past experiences as a manager has helped him get over the Foxes’ recent form and will help guide the team back in the right direction. Rodgers added that they need to find confidence with the help of hard work and aggression to reach their best.

Having sold Wesley Fofana this summer, many expected Leicester City to circumvent that by refreshing their squad on the whole especially after Brendan Rodgers called for that. However, instead, the Foxes brought in just two new players, Wout Faes and back-up goalkeeper Alex Smithies. That hasn’t helped the side as the Foxes are one of two Premier League sides yet to win a league game going into Gameweek 8.

Not only that, Brendan Rodgers’ side sits at the bottom of the league table, having lost five of their opening six games and it has many fans concerned about the club’s future. However, Rodgers admitted that his past experience has helped him get over the losses quickly and has allowed him to help guide the team in the right direction. The Leicester boss also added that he has no intention of leaving right now and wants to honor his current contract at the club.

"Experience allows me to get over it much quicker because in football you know that a good day can be just around the corner. It is perspective when you are at the beginning and it is new, you don't think there are good days around the corner. I analyse, but my job is to pick up the players and get that spirit and that quality back again and into the training and that's what we've seen in training, it's been excellent, and we want to bring that into our next game,” Rodgers told Sky Sports.

"I will do my very best, I've got another contract here for this year and another couple of years and I want to see that through and for that I know we need to fight, and we need to be our very best. That is all you can do. Experience allows you to see things differently and it means your responses are much calmer.”

The Foxes have been on a torrid run of losses, losing their last five consecutive league games and it has fans concerned that the team will struggle to get out of that rut. Rodgers reiterated the same thing but believes that the team can find their confidence through “hard work and aggression” which will help bring back their best.

"I think finding confidence even when you are winning is difficult, when you have lost a few, it's even harder. We have looked a few times like we would get over the line, then we haven't and it is a spiral. You have to break that cycle and that is so important but to do that we have to play to our strength.

"Since I have been here we have been consistently playing well, our game has been about denying space, putting pressure on teams and creating opportunities and looking after the ball to create opportunities so if that is the best version of what we want to be, that is where we need to get to.

"Naturally, when you are winning games it's easier but when you aren't you have to push yourself. It is that hard work and aggression that will bring back the confidence and [gives us a] much better chance to succeed,” he further said.

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