I will leave Vijender beaten and broken in front of his home crowd’: Ernest Amuzu

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I will leave Vijender beaten and broken in front of his home crowd’: Ernest Amuzu

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The war of words has already begun ahead of Vijender Singh's 10th fight against Ernest Amuzu on December 23rd. The African champion, who has been working 8-10 hours a day for the fight, has drawn the first blood by stating that he will leave Vijender Singh broken in front of his home crowd.

With just a week to go for mega double title defence fight, African Champion Ernest Amuzu has threatened to stop Indian Express Vijender Singh in his tracks and inflict the first loss on his record when they face each other for “Rajasthan Rumble” at Sawai Mansingh Indoor Stadium in Jaipur on 23rd December 2017.

An experienced boxer from Ghana Ernest Amuzu who holds a good record of 25 fights with 23 wins (21 Knockouts) and 2 loss having played 122 rounds of professional boxing is training very hard these days to defeat Vijender Singh at his home ground.

“I am training very hard daily for 8-10 hours for this fight. I’ve had good notice of the fight so I’ll be prepared for Vijender and whatever he brings into the ring for the fight. I have just heard his name and have never seen him fight. I will take great delight in handing Vijender Singh his first loss and left him beaten and broken in front of his home crowd. In fact I will tell you what I will do to him, I will smash him to the body to loosen him up and then a right hand to knock him out, just watch me on 23rd December” said Ernest Amuzu.

Ernest Amuzu further added “I am experienced fighter in professional circuit than Vijender. He has never, never met any experienced and tough boxer like me and he will realise what it is like facing a real professional boxer in Jaipur. I know he has an Olympic medal but I have boxed as a successful amateur in Africa winning many tournaments, I also believe I have plenty of good experience in my 25 fights to give hard time to Vijender Singh”.

“I know that Vijender is a hero there. But I am going to knock your hero out. He doesn’t belong in a boxing ring with me. I am insulted that he thinks he can just walk over me and beat me easily. When he is lying on the canvas and I am standing with my hands raised above him he will realise he has made a huge mistake fighting me. He should stick to acting in films as he is just an actor in boxing” added Amuzu.

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