A Thrilling Record Breaking Journey On Sea And Road For All To See

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A Thrilling Record Breaking Journey On Sea And Road For All To See

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Nothing is sweeter than accomplishing something which many deem impossible. Kaustubh and Shanjali know that feeling all too well. Kaustubh Khade, an Asian medalist kayaker, was inducted in the Limca Book of Records in 2015 for completing a solo 17-day kayak trip from Mumbai to Goa.

Wanting to test the limits of his ability, Kaustubh decided to do something far more audacious; to kayak from Kutch to Kanyakumari in 100 days. This time, however, he did not want to embark on this journey alone. The romantic in him urged Kaustubh that there would be no better person to partner with on this journey than the woman he loves, his fiancée Shanjali. Shanjali (or Shanj as she is better known) is a professional cyclist and an adventure junkie and together they decided to take on the 3300kms; one by land and the other by sea.

Rahul Dravid once said that “no dream is ever chased alone” and for a feat of this magnitude, KK & Shanj needed a team. A support system was critical for success and Meraki Sport & Entertainment came on board. “When KK first met us in May, we knew that his latest expedition was both ambitious and fascinatingly unique. We were confident that we could assemble an ecosystem that would do justice to their vision,” said Ajit Ravindran, Managing Director – Meraki Sport & Entertainment. The first hunt was for a brand whose values matched those of the expedition and of the two who would embark on it.

SF Watches, a brand under Titan watches, was a perfect fit as it encourages individuals to test their limits and push beyond them. Commenting on this unique association, Utkarsh Thakur, Marketing Head - SF, said "As a young brand, it is imperative that we connect with new-age goals of taking the road less travelled and pursuing your dreams. SF 'Conquer the Coast' was a human journey of grit, determination, and adventure that transcended many barriers and norms. And we found a perfect fit between the values SF embodies and the endeavor of these two daredevils. All of which has been captured in a 6-part web series, the finale of which goes live today. The entire expedition has gained tremendous traction across social media platforms and the number of people touched by this story speak through the engagement itself."

A personal objective of these two daredevils was also to raise funds for the less privileged. KK who had a long-standing relationship with the children’s NGO Magic Bus was chosen as the cause that they would support. With the ecosystem now in place, the two were ready to embark on this arduous trip.

The 83-day expedition (17 days faster than the target) played a large role in their current outlook of life. "The people we met were amazing. They provided us a place to stay at times, fed us. The best part was that residents all through helped us with permissions," said Kaustubh on his return from the expedition. Shanjali, too, was impressed with the support from the people. "It was important to maintain the hygiene, eat the right food and stay healthy through it all," said Shanjali reflecting on the time they spent on the expedition. Together the couple underwent immense physical exertion but they focused on the right recovery processes to start a fresh day. The support was not only restricted to locals but all official authorities in each state were incredibly helpful. “The local police, governments and municipal authorities were absolutely fantastic. This journey could not have been completed if it wasn’t for their continuous unwavering support,” said Kaustubh.

India’s biodiversity was evident to the two as it meant that they would have to continuously adapt their strategies. "The landscapes varied from state to state. We had to meet the challenges of that when we traversed through the journey. But we were lucky that we got through the whole journey," reflected Kaustubh. The other big challenge for the couple through the course of the journey to maintain a functional relationship. Communicating with each other was the key, which was always a challenge. But together the duo managed to battle both the physical and mental exhaustion.

Their achievement is remarkable and thanks to SF Watches it can be shared with the world. The entire web series can be found Here.

When asked what they plan on doing next Kaustubh said "The next step obviously is the other end of the coast. We are in the process of planning an expedition along the east coast. We will be charting out our path for that in the coming months," We would not have expected anything less from these two mavericks.

Meraki Sport and Entertainment is a brand and sponsorship management company with a core focus on Sport. With a cumulative relevant experience of over 25 years in the founding team, the core objective of Meraki is to help brands, events, franchises & federations leverage sport in India.

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