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Siddhant Lazar


Tom Landry once said "Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it's so incredible, it's unbelievable." Football is and always will be the beautiful game. What every child understands, yet every adult struggles to, is that it is a game that defines the nature of the universe. But that's just me.

featurefootball9 hours ago

Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 – Five players to lookout for ahead of Gameweek 7

After the highs of the Gameweek 5 where nearly everyone brought in the big bucks, Gameweek 6 knocked us back to earth with an average of just 48 points. It seems things didn’t go well for many many many managers although, with a decent set of fixtures, the hope is that it changes this week.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball7 days ago

Titles? Trophies? Nah, Borussia Dortmund and their Yellow Army have better goal in mind

There are three things in life that are certain. Death, Taxes, and Borussia Dortmund snapping up the very best of Europe's youngsters with minimal fuss before selling them for an exorbitant sum of money.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball7 days ago

Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 – How to replace Liverpool’s dynamic full-back duo?

After a two week vacation, the FPL was back with a bang as ‘most’ of the premium superstars delivered with managers racking up a season-high average of 60. But then Virgil van Dijk gets injured and the Reds’ steady back-line doesn’t look so steady anymore, especially with Alisson also out.
Siddhant Lazar
featuresports10 days ago

Truthful Tuesday | This could finally be Tottenham’s year to win something

‘Look, I’m a coach. I’m not Harry Potter. He is magical, but in reality, there is no magic. Magic is fiction and football is real.’ - Jose Mourinho
Siddhant Lazar
featuresports13 days ago

Satire Saturday | Premier League’s elite had a chance for greatness and they took it

*Click* It’s been a week, or so, since football was placed in a diamond-studded cocktail shaker and turned upside down by the Premier League’s elite before it was poured into the drain for being morally right. Some would call it an emotional rollercoaster, others call it Saturday. Both are correct.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball13 days ago

Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 – Who’s hot, who’s cold and who to stay away from

Two weeks of an international break gives the world a lot of time to settle down and digest the fact that two of England’s biggest sides were thrashed by a combined 13-3 scoreline. For FPL managers, though, the break has added to their problems with injuries, COVID-19 positive tests and more.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball15 days ago

Everton have brought the fun back to Goodison and now they need to keep the faith in Don Carlo

There was a moment, for the smallest seconds, when James Rodriguez sliced open West Brom with a pass that had many screaming for joy and had mouths watering across Merseyside. The angle was so so tight and tough to make that even Lucas Digne, who made the run, didn’t believe it would reach him.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootball17 days ago

Gareth Bale’s redemption arc could be just the thing that Tottenham need

There’s a post somewhere on Twitter that goes “Once upon a time every player was the greatest player on their own team,” and it really makes you think. Because the more one thinks about it, the more one realises just how true that statement actually is.
Siddhant Lazar
featuresports24 days ago

Truthful Tuesday | The Nations League is football's most important and integral competition right now

With world football on a break, the focus has shifted to a fourteen-day holiday from club football as the 2020 transfer window comes to an end. But in this week’s edition of Truthful Tuesday, we look at the international break and say that the Nations League is football’s most important competition.
Siddhant Lazar
featurefootballa month ago

Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 – How to survive without Sadio 'Mr Reliable' Mane

With the first international break around the corner, it’s perhaps the moment to avoid rash decisions, but then Sadio Mane tests positive for COVID-19. Liverpool confirmed the news and that means he will self-isolate for ten days, missing the next game, so how do you replace one of FPL’s best?
Siddhant Lazar