La Liga, Ligue A, Serie A and Premier League’s D-day threatens to be chaotic and exciting

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There’s absolutely nothing like the final day of a league season and while the Bundesliga may be over, the other four from Europe’s big five leagues have a lot on offer. That includes league titles in Italy and England with relegation fights and European places still yet to be settled all over.

Gameweek 38. The final Gameweek for four of Europe’s five big leagues which officially brings the season to an end for most teams. There is a Champions League final about eight days from now but that’s neither here nor there as only two teams will battle it out for that. But when it comes to Europe’s big dogs, this is the final weekend of club football before they go on a break. So soak it all in because there is still a lot left in play.

The Premier League and the Serie A title are yet to be decided while there’s a relegation fight in the La Liga, Ligue 1 and the other two as well. Plus those extra European football spots need to be decided with everything on the line and absolutely nothing is certain. Here’s a look at what the teams are fighting for..

In Italy and the Serie A;

The battle for the Scudetto:

1st)AC Milan - 83 points (37 games) GD +35 | GF 66 | GA 31

2nd)Inter Milan - 81 points (37 games) GD +49 | GF 81 | GA 32

AC Milan to end their decade long title drought? © Twitter

One game left, two points separating the two Milan giants and it’s all happening on the final day but for AC Milan, all they need is a point. That’s because unlike England and the Premier League, the Serie A breaks a tie-breaker with the head-to-head record and not goal-difference. It means that since the first Derby della Madonnina this season was a 1-1 draw and the second was a 2-1 AC Milan win, the Rossoneri will win the title with a point.

The battle for Europa League and Europa Conference League football:

5th) Lazio - 63 points (37 games) GD +19 | GF 74 | GA 55

6th) AS Roma - 60 points (37 games) GD +13 | GF 56 | GA 43

------------------------Europa League cut-off------------------------------

7th) Fiorentina - 59 points (37 games) GD +6 | GF 57 | GA 51

--------------------Europa Conference League cut-off------------------

8th) Atalanta - 59 points (37 games) GD +18 | GF 65 | GA 47

Since Lazio have already qualified for the Europa League, based on head-to-head, that means that there’s only one spot left in Europe’s second-best club tournament. But for Fiorentina to make the Europa League cut, they will have to better Roma’s last day result because they lose in the head-to-head against Jose Mourinho’s side. 

The same goes for Atalanta although La Dea could qualify for Europe if Roma wins the Conference League final because then their (Roma) Europa League spot shifts a place below. It will go to the 7th place team which means 8th could potentially get Conference League football. By the normal league method, Atalanta loses the head-to-head battle against both Roma and the Viola, which means they need to earn more points than both in order to leap over them and into 6th place.

The battle against relegation:

17th) Salernitana - 31 points (37 games) GD -41 | GF 33 | GA 74

------------------------Relegation cut-off------------------------------

18th) Cagliari Calcio - 29 points (37 games) GD -34 | GF 34 | GA 68

R) Genoa - 28 points (37 games) GD -32 | GF 27 | GA 59

Both Genoa (19th) and Venezia (20th) have already been relegated which means that the two teams battling it out for survival are Salernitana and Cagliari Calcio. Only two points separate the two and the head-to-head record is also level which means, if they end up tied on points, then it will come down to goal-difference which would see Cagliari safe as they’ve got the better GD.

However, should Cagliari win and Salernitana lose then the former will obviously leap over the current 17th place side and the latter will get relegated. A win for Salernitana and no matter what Cagliari do, I Granata are safe.

In England and the Premier League;

The battle for the Premier League title:

1st) Manchester City90 points (37 games) GD +72 | GF 96 | GA 24

2nd) Liverpool - 89 points (37 games) GD +66 | GF 91 | GA 25

Will Manchester City lift it again? © Twitter

Much like the title race in the Serie A, this is also simple. A win for Manchester City against Aston Villa ensures that they lift title number four in five years. 

But should they lose and Liverpool draw against Wolverhampton Wanderers then the title goes to the Reds if City loses by a margin of seven or more goals to Steven Gerrard’s side. Furthermore, should City draw, then the title goes to Anfield if they beat Wolves although if City match Liverpool’s result, then City will win. 

For those that want a play-off, it is a remote possibility. But that will only happen if they finish on the same number of points, goal-difference, goals scored and goals conceded since the head-to-head record is already on level terms. It would need City to lose by 6 goals against Steven Gerrard’s side while Liverpool and Wolves play out a 5-5 draw at Anfield.

The battle for European football:

4th) Tottenham - 68 points (37 games) GD +24 | GF 64 | GA 40

------------------------Champions League cut-off-------------------------

5th) Arsenal - 66 points (37 games) GD +9 | GF 56 | GA 47

6th) Manchester United - 58 points (37 games) GD +1 | GF 57 | GA 56

------------------------Europa League cut-off------------------------------

7th) West Ham United- 56 points (37 games) GD +11 | GF 59 | GA 48

--------------------Europa Conference League cut-off------------------

Arsenal’s loss to Newcastle United earlier this week meant that Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have all confirmed their places in the Champions League for next season. 

However, it also means that the Gunners’ hopes of playing Champions League no longer rest in their hands. They’ll have to win and hope that Tottenham doesn't get anything more than zero points because of Spurs’ much superior goal-difference. But should Tottenham draw, then Arsenal will need to win by at least 16 goals against Everton in order to ensure that they overtake the goal-difference and leap over their rivals into fourth place.

As for the Europa League, thanks to Liverpool winning both domestic cups, fifth and sixth place get a direct entry into the group stages. But since one of Tottenham and Arsenal are guaranteed a fifth-place spot, Manchester United and West Ham will have to battle it out for sixth place. The Hammers sit two points behind and thus a win for them against Brighton will ensure sixth place if United either draw or lose.

Should Manchester United win against Crystal Palace, then they’ll seal the final Europa League place.

The battle against relegation:

16th) Everton - 39 points (37 games) GD -19 | GF 42 | GA 61

17th) Burnley - 35 points (37 games) GD -18 | GF 33 | GA 51

------------------------Relegation cut-off------------------------------

18th) Leeds United - 35 points (37 games) GD -38 | GF 40 | GA 74

R) Watford - 23 points (37 games) GD -42 | GF 33 | GA 75

Everton’s sensational comeback 3-2 win over Crystal Palace has ensured that they are safe for another season and thus it leaves Leeds United and Burnley to battle it out on D-Day. 

It means that the Clarets will need to match the Peacocks’ final day results in order to stay up because they have the superior goal-difference. A draw will also be enough for Burnley but only if Leeds either lose or earn nothing more than a point. For Leeds to survive, they need to better Burnley’s results because anything else will see them relegated.

In Spain and the La Liga;

The battle for Europa Conference League:

6th) Real Sociedad- 62 points (37 games) GD +4 | GF 39 | GA 35

------------------------Europa League cut-off------------------------------

7th) Villarreal - 56 points (37 games) GD +24 | GF 61 | GA 37

--------------------Europa Conference League cut-off------------------

8th) Athletic Club - 55 points (37 games) GD +8 | GF 43 | GA 35

Unai Emery's side have a job to do © Twitter

A very simply permutation especially given that Athletic Club have the better of Villarreal because of the La Liga’s tiebreaker which states “tie is broken using the head-to-head goal difference” for two clubs. What that essentially means is that Villarreal have to better Athletic’s results in order to finish seventh and play Europa Conference League football. However, should the Basque side draw and the Yellow Submarines lose, then Athletic will leap over Villarreal into seventh.

The battle against relegation:

16th) Granada - 37 points (37 games) GD -17 | GF 44 | GA 61

17th) RCD Mallorca - 36 points (37 games) GD -29 | GF 34 | GA 63

------------------------Relegation cut-off------------------------------

18th) Cadiz - 36 points (37 games) GD -17 | GF 34 | GA 51

R) Levante- 32 points (37 games) GD -27 | GF 47 | GA 74

Put it this way, if all three teams finish on 37 points, which is a possibility, then Cadiz CF will be relegated because of the La Liga’s rules. However, anything could happen and thus for Cadiz to survive, they need to make sure that they win and either Mallorca or Granada lose their last game. Only then will they survive although the head-to-head record could come into play.

In that case, RCD Mallorca hold the tiebreaker over Cádiz, Granada FC hold one over Mallorca and it’s level between Cádiz and Granada. It means that if Mallorca win while both Granada and Cadiz draw their final games, then Granada will be the ones to get relegated. On the other hand, if Granada wins while both Mallorca and Cadiz draw, then Cadiz are relegated. And so on.

In France and the Ligue 1;

The battle for European football:

2nd) AS Monaco - 68 points (37 games) GD +25 | GF 63 | GA 38

---------------Champions League group stage cut-off--------------------

3rd) Olympique Marseille - 68 points (37 games) GD +21 | GF 59 | GA 38

------------------Champions League qualifiers cut-off---------------------

4th) Stade Rennes - 65 points (37 games) GD +42 | GF 80 | GA 38

----------------Europa League group stage cut-off-------------------------

5th) RC Strasbourg - 63 points (37 games) GD +21 | GF 60 | GA 39

-------------Europa Conference League qualifiers cut-off---------------

6th) OGC Nice - 63 points (37 games) GD +15 | GF 39 | GA 34

7th) Lens- 61 points (37 games) GD +14 | GF 60 | GA 46

AS Monaco © Twitter

One point on D-Day and AS Monaco ensure that they don’t finish lower than third place and the same goes for Olympique Marseille. However, to ensure a direct group stage place in the Champions League, Monaco will need to better Marseille’s results or if they lose, hope that Jorge Sampaoli’s side doesn’t make up the difference in Goal Difference. However, the bigger concern (for AS Monaco if they lose) will be Stade Rennais thanks to their superior goal-difference.

It means that Rennes could, with a win, leap over Monaco and into either second or third place depending on Marseille’s result. A loss for Marseille, alongside a Rennes win, would give them second place while a draw would ensure second for Marseille and third for Rennes. But lose and Stade Rennes could have others threaten their fourth place spot.

That includes RC Strasbourg and OGC Nice although both teams will have to make up the two-point buffer first. It means that either Strasbourg or Nice need to win to take over fourth place. But if both teams win, then they could take over fourth and fifth place while knocking Rennes to a sixth place finish. Yet a draw for Rennes would be enough to secure their fourth-place spot although for Strasbourg, their fifth and final European spot could be under threat if they drop points.

Nice sit right behind them while Lens sit two points behind Strasbourg and Nice, which means they need to win and hope that both teams above them loses in order to play European football. Nice needs to better Strasbourg’s results but should the fifth-place side win, then Nice will need to also make up the difference in Goal Difference which means a win by at least seven goals on D-day.

The battle against relegation:

17th) FC Lorient - 35 points (37 games) GD -28 | GF 34 | GA 62

------------------------Relegation cut-off------------------------------

18th) FC Metz - 31 points (37 games) GD -29 | GF 35 | GA 64

------------------------Relegation playoff cut-off------------------------------

19th) St-Etienne - 31 points (37 games) GD -35 | GF 41 | GA 76

20th) Bordeaux - 28 points (37 games) GD -41 | GF 48 | GA 89

With Lorient, Clermont Foot and Troyes all safe, it means that the only spot left to play for is 18th and the playoff place that it offers. However, for Bordeaux to make that cut, they’ll need a massive miracle and a big win over Stade Brest on D-Day. Not only that, they’ll need to hope that both FC Metz and St-Etienne lose their games and lose big in order to make up the difference in Goal Difference. Should either side draw, then Bordeaux are condemned to the Ligue 2 but the same doesn’t apply for St-Etienne.

They’re level on points with Metz and only Goal-Difference separates the two sides and thus for them to finish 18th, they’ll need to better Metz’s results. The same goes for Metz although they face Paris Saint-Germain while St-Etienne faces Nantes on D-Day.

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