WATCH: Rahul Chahar's superman dive across the ropes to save a six in IPL

WATCH: Rahul Chahar's superman dive across the ropes to save a six in IPL

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Rahul Chahar was at the third man boundary when Brendon McCullum scooped what seemed like a destined six. The Gujarat fans had already started applauding the cheeky shot when Chahar jumped across the ropes and caught the ball in mid-air to throw it back into the play.

The 10th edition of IPL seems to be at its best when it comes to incredible fielding performances. The players have managed to use their athleticism and presence of mind to create moments of magic that will bewilder fans now and forever.

It was the 11th over when McCullum tried to hit Ben Stokes for a cheeky six. On the 3rd delivery of the over McCullum shuffled across the off-stump and scooped the ball fine towards the third-man boundary. Chahar, who was guarding the boundary, started running towards his left, taking the mat out of the feet of the cheering Gujarat fans hoping to see a beautiful six. Jumping high in the air, Chahar grabbed the ball mid-air, and with an elegant back hand, threw it back into the field.

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This is surely another strong contender for the best fielding award in this edition of the IPL. We hope to see some more fascinating plays that could challenge Chahar's effort.

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