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Twitter reacts to Colin Munro recreating MS Dhoni’s “Fizur” moment by Rugby-tackling Shardul Thakur

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Twitter reacts to Colin Munro recreating MS Dhoni’s “Fizur” moment by Rugby-tackling Shardul Thakur

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We’ve seen cricketers play football in the field by kicking the ball to the stumps, we’ve seen them play Tennis by forehand-slapping the ball to the boundary, but today, Colin Munro showcased his Rugby skills. The opener Rugby-tackled Shardul Thakur to leave the bowler down and grounded.

Remember the good ol’ days in cricket when shoulder barges were a thing and the bowler and batsmen used to have a right go at each other whenever things got heated up? Well, in a way, it’s a shame that we don’t get those kinda moments anymore. Back in 2015, there was one particular incident between MS Dhoni and Bangladesh’s Mustafizur Rahman, where the Indian wicket-keeper barged into the poor bowler, leaving him grounded, as a result of which Fizur had to leave the field. 

Munro might have just caught a quick glance of that incident prior to the second T20I at Eden Park as the New Zealand opener went ahead and recreated the incident with the victim this time around being India’s Shardul Thakur

On the second ball of the sixth over, with Munro batting on 13 (14) and having already missed the first ball of the over, Thakur banged in a good-length delivery around leg-stump. The ball rose up to the abdomen of the batsman, who attempted a wristy pull-shot towards long leg. However, all Munro could manage was miss the ball and take a blow on his stomach. And as the ball rolled in front of the stumps, Munro, who was already under pressure, decided to take off for a single.

And this when Munro transformed from a ‘BlackCap’ to an ‘All Black’.  Knowing that the ball was still near the stumps and that there was a chance for a run-out, Thakur raced towards the ball. However, Munro, who was running in a straight line towards the other end, barged into Thakur’s shoulder, rugby-tackling him and flooring him onto the ground. This particular barge was reminiscent to that of Dhoni’s on Mustafizur, 5 years ago, with Munro being the architect in chief this time around.

And whilst Thakur was fuming initially, the duo, thankfully, made up for the incident later and acknowledged the fact that it was a mere accident, by bumping fists. Some good ‘sporting’ action, you can say.

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