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Twitter reacts to furious Stoinis ‘forcing’ Saini to apologize as latter walks away after injuring batsman

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Saini injures Stoinis


Twitter reacts to furious Stoinis ‘forcing’ Saini to apologize as latter walks away after injuring batsman

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Navdeep Saini’s IPL 2020 campaign has gone downhill post the Super Over, and the speedster, for the second game running, accidentally injured a batsman. Today it was Marcus Stoinis, but after Saini refused to apologize, the Australian taught the speedster a lesson by smashing him to the boundary.

“Hero one moment, zero the next” is a phrase that is commonly used in sport, and, right now, no one knows it better than Navdeep Saini. After bowling a heroic Super Over, Saini was seen as god amongst men, but his reputation soon came crashing down the very next game versus Rajasthan, when he unintentionally bowled a beamer and injured Rahul Tewatia. Well, he got over it, but today, Saini’s reputation took an even bigger hit, as the pacer’s rather distasteful actions left a bitter taste on the viewers.

Bowling against a set Marcus Stoinis in the 15th over, Saini lost his lengths in the 3rd and 4th balls of the over, which were rightfully dispatched for 10 runs in total. A bit over-enthusiastic to make a strong comeback, the speedster, on the fourth ball of the over, like he did in the previous game, let loose a careless and dangerous beamer. The ball, which was not in Saini’s control, smacked the batsman Stoinis on his gloves and jammed his fingers, and the umpires, rightfully, ruled it a no-ball. But it was what followed next that irked the batsman and earnt the bowler a bad reputation.

After bowling the beamer, Saini, flabbergastingly, turned around without issuing Stoinis an apology. The batsman, Stoinis, was clearly in pain, but Saini’s decision to not apologize infuriated right, rightfully. Fuming with the bowler’s actions, Stoinis decided to teach Saini a lesson so on the very next ball, which was a free hit, the Aussie smacked the ball to the boundary. Stoinis didn’t stop there, as after dispatching the ball to the boundary, he gave Saini a proper death stare. So intimidating was Stoinis’ stare that Saini, finally realizing that he had erred, decided to raise his hand to issue an apology. 

Oh well, this will keep Saini in check for the games to follow, one assumes.


Here is how twitter reacted on iT:

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