Twitter reacts to S Sreesanth's Anil Kumble leg-spin imitation to make immediate impact

Twitter reacts to S Sreesanth's Anil Kumble leg-spin imitation to make immediate impact

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Sreesanth has made a return to domestic cricket this year after serving his ban



S Sreesanth. Only his name is enough to make it to the headlines. He always does something unique or the other to hog the limelight. And he has struck again. Sreesanth imitated Anil Kumble's leg-spin action to perfection and not only that, even got himself a wicket against Andhra Pradesh in SMAT.

Ever since Kerala pacer Sreesanth has returned back to domestic cricket, he has been making waves. He first hogged the headlines when he took his first wicket on comeback. It was followed by his sledging of youngster Yashasvi Jaiswal in the encounter against Mumbai after which he was punished brutally by Jaiswal. And today again, he surprised one and all, when the otherwise fast bowler decided to bowl leg-spin. He not only tried to bowl it but even copied the action of the legendary Anil Kumble to perfection to stun one and all. He was even able to imitate Kumble be it his run-up or the way he released the ball, making full use of his wrist. 

The interesting instance happened during the match against Andhra Pradesh on Sunday at the Banda Kurla Complex in Mumbai during a Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy clash. And as we know Sree is some character, he not only copied the action perfectly but even fooled a well-set Ashwin Hebbar, who was batting on 48 in a small chase of 113 runs. Ashwin tried to take Sreesanth's leg-spin to the cleaners but ended up mistiming the shot only to be caught by Vishnu Vinod in the deep. At the time, Andhra were already on 91 with the win a mere formality, which they did eventually. 

However, the reaction of Ashwin Hebbar to the dismissal was priceless. He acted as if he got the shock of his life as he stayed in the middle looking at the fielder for quite some time as such was the unexpected nature of the dismissal against the run of the play. But, Sreesanth has a lot of magic tricks up his sleeve and it was perhaps one of them that he unleashed today. Let's wait and watch, he has a lot up in his repertoire. 

Here is how Twitter reacted on it:


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