Twitter reacts to clueless Khaleel pulling off contender for ‘worst boundary-save attempt’ of season

Twitter reacts to clueless Khaleel pulling off contender for ‘worst boundary-save attempt’ of season

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Worst attempt by Khaleel Ahmed



Khaleel Ahmed is not a sharp fielder and often has left many a bowler frustrated with his lack of effort but today, the left-arm seamer took his shenanigans to a whole new level. Fielding at short third man, Khaleel made a mess out of a Jos Buttler outside-edge to gift four easy runs to the Royals.

Khaleel Ahmed broke into the scene in IPL 2019 with a 19-wicket season, but things have since been not so smooth for the left-armer. He has often been under the pump for his inconsistency and he has also seen himself become unpopular amongst fans owing to his somewhat passive-aggressive attitude. In comparison to 2020, Khaleel has had a pretty good year with the ball this time around, but today, the youngster once again left the SRH fans frustrated - this time, though, it was his fielding that was responsible for it.

On the third ball of the 16th over, with RR cruising, a returning Bhuvneshwar Kumar managed to find the edge of Jos Buttler’s bat. Buttler threw his hand at a wide one and the edge flew and looked like it was going straight to the hands of the short third man. Eventually, the pace on the ball took the ball away from the fielder but still, nevertheless, it looked like a boundary had been prevented as the ball looked like it was landing just yards away from where the fielder was stationed.

However, an atrocious effort from the fielder, Khaleel Ahmed, ended up gifting four valuable runs to the Royals. As the ball took the outside edge of Buttler’s bat and flew, Khaleel, having no clue where the ball was, started jogging almost like he was blind-sighted. The ball bounced in front of him and should have been stopped, but Khaleel, for some reason, ended up running all over it. He rather comically tried stopping it from reaching the boundary but his initial mess-up proved to be too costly as the pace on the ball, and the fastness of the outfield, ended up taking the ball to the boundary. 

Khaleel sure did not earn any brownie points with that effort.

That's ridiculous fielding from Khaleel here!

Hahaha! True


12th man??

Left to team's management!

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