No significant change to number of ODIs in new FTP, confirms Geoff Allardice

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Geoff Allardice dismissed discussions about the threat to ODIs, stating the format will have the same proportion of matches in the new Future Tours Programme as the recent ones. The ICC CEO highlighted the number of ODIs still being scheduled by the national cricketing boards around the world.

The shortest format of cricket, T20, has been taking the centre stage of late in discussions about the sport around the world. With more and more T20 franchise tournaments being organized across the globe and gaining relevance almost instantly, a question has been raised about what the future holds for cricket's structure. There seems to be unanimous agreement that Tests are here to stay and remain the pinnacle, ODIs have been deprived of the same amount of affection.

However, the CEO of cricket's governing body International Cricket Council called out such thoughts as not based in fact, considering the format's healthy frequency as scheduled by the top national cricketing bodies.  

"I think at this stage there is some discussion, not specifically about ODIs, but about the mix of formats within the calendar," Allardice was reported saying by India Today.

"Countries have been, in their FTPs, are still scheduling a healthy number of ODIs as well.


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Recently, one of cricket's biggest names Ben Stokes announced his retirement from ODIs at the tender age of 31, leading to speculation of various cricketers such as Hardik Pandya soon following in his footsteps. Renowned affiliates of the sport such as Ravi Shastri, Usman Khawaja and Ravichandran Ashwin have recently released statements as well about the lack of relevance of ODIs, with many calling for its extinction.

Nevertheless, Allardice remained unfazed, confirming the status afforded to the format in the upcoming Future Tours Programme for the period of 2023 to 2027.  

"So in the FTP, I don't think you'll see any significant change to the number of ODIs or the proportion of ODIs as being planned." 

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