WATCH | Laura Harris produces 2023's funniest clip with empty-handed triple-slip to avoid run-out

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As much as cricket can be an individual game, it is still a team sport and witness the occasional embarrassing incident caused by blatant miscommunication. Laura Harris slipped thrice in the space of a few seconds as she tried to return to her crease, eventually managing it despite losing her bat.

The Wellington Blaze razed their way to a dominant 114-run victory over the Canterbury Magicians in the Women's Super Smash at the Basin Reserve on Monday. Laura Harris starred for the hosts with an unbeaten 67 off just 27 deliveries, her nine boundaries and six maximums driving the team to a mammoth total of 208/4. However, the Australian hard-hitting all-rounder's innings could have been cut short much earlier had the Magicians not squandered a relatively simple chance to dismiss one of the most destructive batters in the game.

The Australian had already raced away to 22 off 9 deliveries courtesy of three boundaries off four balls to end the 13th over. She was at the non-striker's end as Charli Knott took guard to face leg Sarah Asmussen, who chipped the first ball of the over over the leg-spinner's head. Knott jogged across the pitch for a single but a slight midfield from the fielder near the boundary rope motivated Harris for another run. However, Knott did not respond and by the time Harris was half-way down the pitch, the ball had already nearly made its way to the bowler's hand. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Harris suddenly braked in her path but could not keep her balance as she fell to the ground with a thud.

However, as her luck would have it, the throw landed wide of the crease and as Asmussen attempted to collect the ball and turn around to instantly send it to the wicket-keeper, she bumped into Knott thus losing control o the Kookaburra. Blessed with additional time, Harris got to her feet and attempted to scramble back again, only to end up executing a painful looking 180 turn before tumbling to the floor with yet another hard impact, completely letting go of her bat in the process. Yet, a lost Asmussen took a second to recollect her thoughts and the ball but it was enough for Harris to get up a second time and execute a desperate lunge for the crease with both her hands extended forward empty-handed. 

As soon as Harris realized she was safe, the all-rounder broke out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter while still lying face-down on the pitch as the crowd broke out into giggly applause to acknowledge the remarkable comedy of errors.

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