Indian Premier League 2017

15th Match

Delhi Daredevils won by 51 runs

20.0 Overs
SV Samson 19(18), 19(18)
Z Khan - 8.0 - 0 - 76 - 0

20.0 Overs
M Vohra 3(6), 3(6)
S Sharma - 8.0 - 0 - 82 - 2
This Over

Run Rate - 6.85

Indian Premier League 2017 : Live scores, commentary -

Delhi Daredevils 1st innings188/6 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
SV Samson c Eoin Morgan b KC Cariappac Eoin Morgan b KC Cariappa191821105.56
SW Billings c David Miller b Axar Patelc David Miller b Axar Patel554090137.5
Karun Nair c WP Saha b VR Aaronc WP Saha b VR Aaron03000
Shreyas Iyer c Eoin Morgan b Mohit Sharmac Eoin Morgan b Mohit Sharma221730129.41
Rishabh Pant c Eoin Morgan b VR Aaronc Eoin Morgan b VR Aaron15930166.67
Corey Anderson Not OutNot Out392233177.27
Chris Morris c Mohit Sharma b S Sharmac Mohit Sharma b S Sharma16811200
Pat Cummins Not OutNot Out12620200
Fall of Wickets
0/53(SV Samson, 6.5)1/55(Karun Nair, 7.3)2/96(Shreyas Iyer, 11.5)3/103(SW Billings, 12.5)4/120(RR Pant, 15.1)5/151(Chris Morris, 17.5)
S Sharma4.00411010.25
Mohit Sharma4.0037129.25
Axar Patel4.0033108.25
VR Aaron4.00452511.25
KC Cariappa3.0023117.67
Glenn Maxwell1.007007

Kings XI Punjab 1st innings137/9 in 20.0

Batsman RB4s6sSR
M Vohra lbw b Shahbaz Nadeemlbw b Shahbaz Nadeem360050
Hashim Amla c b Chris Morrisc b Chris Morris191240158.33
WP Saha c Z Khan b Shahbaz Nadeemc Z Khan b Shahbaz Nadeem7510140
Eoin Morgan c Karun Nair b Pat Cumminsc Karun Nair b Pat Cummins222030110
David Miller lbw b Corey Andersonlbw b Corey Anderson24281085.71
Glenn Maxwell c SW Billings b Amit Mishrac SW Billings b Amit Mishra02000
Axar Patel bowled b Chris Morrisbowled b Chris Morris442913151.72
Mohit Sharma bowled b Pat Cumminsbowled b Pat Cummins13141092.86
KC Cariappa bowled b Chris Morrisbowled b Chris Morris120050
S Sharma Not OutNot Out2200100
Fall of Wickets
0/5(M Vohra, 1.4)1/21(WP Saha, 3.2)2/31(Hashim Amla, 4.4)3/64(Eoin Morgan, 9.6)4/65(Glenn Maxwell, 10.3)5/88(David Miller, 13.4)6/133(Mohit Sharma, 18.5)7/134(KC Cariappa, 19.1)8/137(Axar Patel, 19.6)
Z Khan4.0038009.5
Shahbaz Nadeem2.0013206.5
Chris Morris5.0027315.4
Pat Cummins4.0023205.75
Amit Mishra2.0012106
Corey Anderson3.0023107.67
Toss:Delhi Daredevils won the toss and chose to bat first
Series:Indian Premier League 2017
Man of the match:To be decided