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featurefootball5 years ago

Who will win the La Liga title - A detailed analysis

Despite housing both the greatest players of our era, little thought has been given to claims that the La Liga could be the best league in the world -it being a two-horse race and all that. But, it appears they are the only major league where the champion has not become a certainty yet this year.
Faizan Qadiri
featurefootball5 years ago

Tactical Analysis | Vitolo sizzles, Coutinho fizzles as Sevilla lift third Europa in a row

Last night the commentators felt that Unai Emery tactically outfoxed Jurgen Klopp, but it was more about individual performances than wholesale changes in shape and organization. The match was won and lost in midfield, and Vitolo and Banega won the battle in the second half.
Debarshee Mitra