PKL | Gujarat Giants' Chandran Ranjit confident his absence from mat won't make a difference

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Gujarat Giants picked up form late into the tournament, and when they eventually, their captain Chandran Ranjit suffered an unfortunate injury. Even though he is not back to full fitness, he feels that Giants is more than capable of performing up to the mark in his absence from the mat too.

“I believe that we (Gujarat Giants) have a lot of senior and very capable players like Sandeep Kandola, Prashant Rai, Rinku Narwal, and Baldev Singh. They can not only guide the team but also mentor the youngsters in tough situations,” Ranjit said. Last year, the Giants missed the playoffs spot by a whisker, but this time under Ram Mehar Singh, the team is showing signs of improvement and has the potential to go the distance too.

“My absence is filled by these senior and capable players, and even as a raider, in case Rakesh can’t get going on one particular day, we have players like Parteek Dhaiya, Pardeep Kumar, Dong Geon Lee, and Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, who are able to make up the raid points,” Ranjith noted.

“There can be ups and downs for everyone and I am confident that the Giants will do well going ahead.”

Meanwhile, the coach has also ensured that the raiding and the defensive units have worked in sync, to get the best results possible.

“I have been saying this since the first match whichever team’s raiding and the defensive unit performs well will win the match. Whenever our raiders and defenders have done well together, we have been a dangerous team,” the coach had said.

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