PKL | Twitter reacts as Bengal Warriors' Maninder Singh wrestles past Mahender Singh

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Usually, in the PKL, the defenders are known for their brute force, while the raiders are known to be agile and swift. But when it comes to Bengal Warrior's long-time skipper Maninder Singh, he can generate the force to get past any defence in the world, through his raw muscle power.

Wednesday's match between Bengal Warriors and Bengaluru Bulls was no different, as Maninder powered his side to a much-needed win, where he ended up scoring 12 crucial points. The Warriors won 41-38 and moved fifth in the table, courtesy of the effort put in by Maninder.

He was generally consistent throughout the match, where he got points through his raids, but there was one particular moment, which might have instilled a lot of fear among the opposition's defensive unit. At a crucial juncture, Maninder went in to raid, against a defence of five, from the right corner of the mat. As he usually does, he moved swiftly towards the left side of the mat.

The Bulls' skipper, Mahender Singh, was taken by surprise, as Maninder managed to get a touch on the latter. But Mahender went for the body hold and gave it his all to stop the raider. At this moment, Maninder did something truly special, and what reminded a few of wrestling. Maninder just got hold of Mahender's shoulders, and just threw him off the mat. Vikas Kandola also got a hand on Maninder, which meant, the raider had scored two points, where he should have been tackled. 

That's amazing raid 

Mighty man!

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