Overreaction Monday ft. Ageing Vengsarkar, Danny ‘my dear’ Morrison and Gautam ‘supportive’ Gambhir

Overreaction Monday ft. Ageing Vengsarkar, Danny ‘my dear’ Morrison and Gautam ‘supportive’ Gambhir

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9th November edition of Overreaction Monday



Everyone seems to have a strong opinion when it comes to cricket and tend to not shy away from expressing it, especially on Twitter. Hence, this brings us to this week’s Overreaction Monday, where we try to decode all the stupid, unnecessary, and plain goofy comments made over the past week.

Cricket fans question the quality of Women’s Cricket 

After Velocity got bowled for 47 against Sophie Ecclestone-led Trailblazers, fans started to question the quality of Women’s cricket and claimed that this was the reason why women’s cricket gets low traction. 

SC Take: Women's cricket has been growing at a rapid speed and so is the quality of their cricket. They have come miles ahead from their olden days when they had matches once in a blue moon - a perfect example of which was 80,000 spectators at the MCG for the World Cup final. These kinds of crowds are not new to men’s cricket but certainly is a huge milestone for women’s cricket that becomes an easy target for everyone to take shots at. Interestingly, after Velocity got bowled out on 47 by Trailblazers, the cricket experts on Twitter questioned the quality of women cricket. Really?

The Mithali Raj-led team had to play two matches in 14 hours, when was the last time men’s cricket team had to do that? Even after 40 days of cricket, men cricketers are able to score only 84 runs in 20 overs. Way to raise the level of the game. Women cricketers are doing their best to take their game to the next level and they are doing pretty well at it by having exciting contests, the most recent of which was the world cup, which had the whole cricketing fraternity on its feet. These kinds of backlash only put extra pressure on these cricketers, who need the support of their fans to grow. Collapses happen at every level, just that we should have the context before criticizing anyone. 

Age finally seems to have caught up with Dilip Vengsarkar 

As the news of Virat Kohli missing few Tests is doing rounds, Dilip Vengsarkar opined that if Rohit Sharma makes a comeback in the absence of Kohli it will create confusion for the leadership position as Ajinkya Rahane is the vice-captain. 

SC Take: Although Dilip Vengsarkar is a veteran cricketer who knows a lot about cricket and has terrific inputs time and again, this time he was way off the mark with his comments. He opined that if Virat Kohli will be missing the last few Tests and Rohit Sharma makes his comeback at the same time, Rohit should be at the helm of affairs instead of Rahane, questioning Rahane’s place as the vice-captain. To elevate this further, Vengsarkar wants Rohit to play in the middle order in Tests. Seems like age has finally caught up to Vengasrkar. 

While criticizing BCCI top brass, Vengsarkar forgot that Rohit Sharma is not the same white-ball cricketer with the red-ball and his numbers are a testament to that, which have been improved by few knocks on the cement wickets of India. Compare that to Ajinkya Rahane, who has been nothing but a sincere player in the longest format of the game, playing clinical knocks every now and then, rightly occupying the deputy position in Tests. Funnily and most importantly, however, Mr. Vengsarkar forgot that Rohit is not the designated vice-captain in Test cricket, and Rahane is. A bad day at the office; a pretty bad day, you should say. 

Danny ‘my dear’ Morrison 

Danny Morrison got thrashed for addressing Mithali Raj as “my dear” during an interview, after her team’s loss in the Women’s T20 Challenge in Sharjah.

SC Take: A slip of tongue? No. We know Danny Morrison and have heard him speak numerous times with his over the top commentary and presentations skills. He has used various unheard-of adjectives and descriptions for players since the time he has started. That’s the reason we love him so much. But him calling Mithali Raj ‘my dear’ has hurt many people, who have not shied away from showing their disagreement by lashing out at the former New Zealand player. How is that not an overreaction?

Interestingly, Mihali didn’t have any problem with Morrison. In fact, she didn’t even react to it, must have not even heard it, but Twitterati showed that they care for the legendary cricketer a lot more than she does for herself. Political correctness is one thing, but context is very important when it comes to things like these, and the context for this incident is that Morrison has used such words for legendary men cricketers as well. Now even if you think that context doesn’t matter, how can ‘my dear’ be disrespectful? Maybe people need to chill out a bit and let the man live in peace. 

Gautam ‘supportive’ Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir asserted that Prithvi Shaw should have played the entire season without getting dropped even after his lackluster show. 

SC Take: 4 0 0 7 10 9 0 - These are the numbers of Prithvi Shaw in his last 7 matches, which looks like some phone number. After such a display I don’t think this question should even come to the mind of any player, fan, management, or selector that the player should be picked or not. Because if a player has put up such numbers, it means that he needs to get some time off to work on his game and maybe get some pressure off him. However, Gambhir seems to be thinking in the opposite direction, opining that Shaw shouldn’t have been dropped for the few matches he was dropped along with berating Ajinkya Rahane in the shortest format of the game. Now that’s called hitting two targets with a single arrow. 

There’s no denying the fact that Shaw is brilliant and he should be provided with enough chances to make his mark, but with such performances, even he would be thinking to take some time off. Gambhir needs to understand that every player is different and all the players can’t be the same.

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