WATCH | Fazel Atrachali's 'spear' to Chandran Ranjit reminds fans of former WWE star Goldberg

WATCH | Fazel Atrachali's 'spear' to Chandran Ranjit reminds fans of former WWE star Goldberg

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In many ways, kabaddi and wrestling are similar sports; both require athletes to be extremely strong, and fit to be able to get past raiders or defenders. In fact, a lot of the players in the PKL started out as wrestlers initially, and their moves on the mat coincide with those from wrestling.

There is hardly any doubt that Puneri Paltan skipper, Iranian Fazel Atrachali is the world's best defender. Also, in addition to that, he is the league's most successful defender too. On Tuesday, his team might have gone down to Gujarat Giants 39-51, but it was still a solid performance from Paltan, where Atrahcali was in full swing.

There was a moment in the first half when the scores were almost level, Atrachali produced a moment of individual brilliance, one that reminded fans of former WWE superstar Goldberg. The ones familiar with this legendary name would remember how he would just 'spear' his opponents in the mat, and it was impossible for them to get up after that.

Atrachali did something similar to Gujarat Giants raider Chandran Ranjit, during the latter's raid. He entered from the left side of the mat and then moved around swiftly looking for a point. In the meantime, Atrachali waited for the raider to come close to him, lunging forward. Somehow Ranjit found a way to run into the defender, and Atrachali just speared him onto the ground.

One man army!

Aye captain

What a captain


Fumbling bag

Good wake up call

Fazel rocks

Puneri power

Go all on!


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