Ex-Wimbledon champ Marion Bartoli opens up about her life-threatening illness

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Ex-Wimbledon champ Marion Bartoli opens up about her life-threatening illness

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli talked, on Thursday, about how she lives her life in constant fear of dying after she contracted a mysterious virus. The French star has lost 20 kgs and has been reduced to a skeleton after the infection and calls her life “a living nightmare” ever since.

Bartoli was expected to play in an invitational tournament ahead of the Wimbledon but was barred by her doctors from playing for fear of threat to her life.

The 31-year old told a British daytime television show about the mysterious virus, so rare that doctors have not found a name for it yet and how she has to wear gloves to use her mobile phone as the virus has precipitated severe electro-sensitivity.

"I fear for my life. I worry that one day my heart will stop," she told ITV's 'This Morning' programme.

"This is not life. I am just surviving."

Bartoli believes she contracted the disease while transiting between Australia, New York and India earlier this year.

"I felt worse and my body rejected more and more things," she said.

She added, "I can't type on the phone without gloves and for no more than five minutes as my heart will start to pump faster.

"My life is a living nightmare. I don't wish this on anyone but it is gradually getting worse," reported AFP.

Bartoli, who used to weigh a healthy 60 kgs in her playing days, has now been reduced to almost a bag of bones and said she will commence treatment soon for the illness.

"I want to go back to a normal life. I have been reduced to eating organic salad leaves and pre-washed cucumber with no skin.

"I cannot process protein. I just drink and drink and drink to get everything out."

She was also forced to withdraw from the women's invitational doubles at the All England Club after her doctors warned her it could be life-threatening.

She said, "I was looking forward to it. I am happy when I am on court.

"But the doctors told me that I couldn't play because of my health.

"I understand that and respect the decision," reported AFP.

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