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I was promised a lot but nothing has been fulfilled by AFI and SAI, says India’s Javelin coach Uwe Hohn

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I was promised a lot but nothing has been fulfilled by AFI and SAI, says India’s Javelin coach Uwe Hohn

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Uwe Hohn asserted that his promises have still not been fulfilled by the AFI and SAI, that were assured to him when he had signed a contract four years back to coach Indian Javelin throwers. He has also asked for a proper training system which involves an assistant coach and other staff.

Uwe Hohn is the only player in the world to throw a javelin beyond 100m. The legendary German had signed a contract with the Indian junior Javelin throw squad to train them till the 2020 Olympics. When he signed the contract he had asked for a few things which the AFI and SAI had earlier promised, but have failed to fulfil those promises, which has annoyed the world record holder.

"I had decided to come here to help Indian athletics but it is not easy (to work) here. My salary is just basic, not much but it is all right. But I need to get the performance-based bonus and other perks. There will have to be a system and these things will have to be taken care of. I have been promised a lot but nothing has been fulfilled," said Hohn reported PTI. 

"I have approached the AFI with these demands but I am not being heard properly. It is annoying," added the German.

Hohn had been working with the Indian team for the past four months and his ward Neeraj Chopra is a medal prospect for the Indian team in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Hohn is unhappy with his basic salary, which is quite low as compared to the other coaches around the world and his salary does not contain any rewards for good performance.

"You need to be rewarded for good work. Then I need to travel in better conditions. Moreover, I am not getting enough equipment and there is a delay. I don't understand why these things are happening, it is not good," said an angry Hohn.

The 55-year-old also stated that if the things continue in the same manner then he might have to think about quitting his job.

"I am yet to decide on that thing. I want to continue and complete my contract which is till 2020 Olympics. But I have to see if these (demands) are fulfilled by the AFI and SAI soon. I will see," said the world record holder.

Sports with coaches and proper systems of staff and processing are the ones that have always prospered. Also when the players are coached at a younger age tend to become good players in the future.

"I need a proper system, an assistant coach and other staff. I also want to bring in more trainees. There is a lot of talent. It is not necessary that a javelin thrower will be called at national camp when he can throw 80m or near about. Those who can throw 75m should be called in," said the Indian coach.

The younger they come the better because that will minimise the mistake they commit. If you commit the mistakes for a long time, it is difficult to change it later,” concluded Hohn.

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