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IPL 2020 | Why your team sucks - Sunrisers Hyderabad

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Sunrisers in short - Warner and Bairstow


IPL 2020 | Why your team sucks - Sunrisers Hyderabad

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Well, a team liked by all, not because of their cricketing abilities but because of their relative nature shown on the field. Yet at the same time, their cricketing abilities are terrible too, giving away CSK a final win in the 2018 season when they were just a bunch of old cricketers.

The force, that they call as 'Sunrisers Hyderabad' is nothing short than an overhyped party spearheaded by Jonny Bairstow and David Warner, who are still aiming to be the good boys in 2020 when Billie Eilish clearly has made a trend for 'Bad guy.'

Your Team: New Zealand of IPL, no one cares

Your 2019 record

Six wins - Eight losses and despite that qualified for the play-off stage. 

In any of the other years of the competition, this would have been impossible, given that the side just had 12 freaking points, when the top three had eighteen each, talks plenty about the franchise, who paired Jonny Bairstow and David Warner with each other at the top. They got off the best possible start, with a loss of course, against a stupid Kolkata Knight Riders side. Out of all possible franchises, they decided before the IPL that they would lose against KKR, to irk their fanbase. 

If you remove Bairstow and Warner from the batting order, you would find India’s A team stars and others who have found themselves on ambulances more than team sheets. Their endless trust on Deepak Hooda took them from being Rajasthan Royals in the first season to becoming like Royal Challengers Bangalore every season. Post that, they faced three really stupid IPL teams to rank up the stats before crashing down like they usually do, with three-back-to-back-losses. 

At home, they got two more wins against struggling travellers, CSK and KKR. When was the last time in the IPL you saw a CSK team perform well away from home, where conditions don’t spin their way? Me neither! Talking about KKR, the more you talk, the worse you become. They lost against RCB, now tell me one thing, which team in their right frame of mind will jump from winning against Mumbai Indians, oh well they didn’t win against them. In short, it doesn't matter and wouldn’t garner your attention either way, unless you are SRH fan, oh I thought you lot were dead when Deccan Chargers were no more a team. 

Just like New Zealand in world cricket, Sunrisers are their equivalent in the IPL and even in 2020, they like to be the good guys. Can someone tell them already that no one likes the good guys in 2020, please?

Your coach: Trevor Bayliss

Everything was seemingly going well for the Sunrisers under Tom Moody, who led them to a win over RCB in 2016 IPL, where they won by eight runs. That was not enough for the management somehow, as they wanted Trevor Bayliss, the man who wanted Jason Roy to open in the longest format because he won them a World Cup, wait did they actually win? But anyway, the man who isn’t quite known well for his tactics but for just inheriting a team that had quite a few superstars.

Also in the age and world where some of the recently retired players have become coaches, there is this franchise who are in the pre-Gautam Gambhir days for KKR, where a duo of Sourav Ganguly and John Buchanan really ruined everything that was left about T20 cricket. Can they better them, of course in a negative way! Could we actually see David Warner bat at No.4 or Kane Williamson open the innings? 

Your MVP: David Warner

Warning: Tik-Toker alert

Oh well, a lot of things could be said about Warner but sandpaper might just be one of them. Apart from that, he has been carrying the franchise so much that he must come into this edition of the tournament with a broken back. But don’t worry he won’t come with a broken back because of his performance in England, where he couldn’t even his own bat and perform. 

Another reason for his broken back might be all his Tik-Tok videos, which went viral in India before someone had to pull the plug. He’s just a poor man's Prabhas and nothing more, even his performance should warrant a rest and not a pick. 

What’s new that sucks

Their signings, while other franchises were signing big-match players and big names during the Auction, there was Sunrisers Hyderabad who decided to be as safe as they are during the course of the tournament. Just like in the IPL seasons, no one actually even looked at the Orange table to see their expression. Across the table, they were clearly still in denial that Shakib-al-Hasan might not play again!

One of their trusted all-rounders has become the second in the franchise to be missing international cricket due to his own actions, remember the first one? Hahaha, the joke’s on you and the franchise! They picked up Sanjay Yadav in the IPL Auction, what a moment! The side went straight up from Shakib to Sanjay just like how Aamir Khan was in the movie ‘Ghajini.’ 

The last time I checked, he was relevant a few years back when he was playing for Tamil Nadu. If you don’t believe me, of course, I don’t expect you SRH fans to either, go and search up his name on Google, you will still find a photo of him playing for Tamil Nadu, so again, you can walk back into your cave, where you have been crying since 2016. 

What always sucked

Their extreme, by extreme I mean 100% dependence on David Warner, more than even some of the products that are available in the market, where 99.9% of doctors have proved its worth. Imagine this franchise without Warner, are you just witnessing plain ol’ black light, devoid of any sort of colours? Yes, if not, you must be another delusional Orange Army fan who thinks that you have built a successful franchise.

If I move on from dependence, another thing that has always haunted people from watching Sunrisers in the last few seasons are the slow conditions. Hang on, I know it's a bit harsh but watching their games doesn’t quite feel thrilling apart from Warner-Bairstow. Let’s move a bit to the 2018 IPL final, how on earth could they allow Shane Watson, a finished product at max to score a century in the final after he struggled early on against Bhuvneshwar Kumar, is that bad captaincy? Are we going to forget that they had a finished Yusuf Pathan in their team? Not surely, their trust in Yusuf is exactly the reason why some people have trust issues in the very first place. 

That’s not just that, having Rashid Khan, one of the best T20 spinners around the world, how could you concede so much every game? Even the fans would agree that they are terrible with the ball. On top of that, if you just need more reasons, look at that eggshell Bhuvneshar Kumar who gets injured more times than an old man walking on a banana peel. Wait, they also let go of KL Rahul right for some peep named Yuvraj Singh, well enough reasons to say that the team has always sucked!

What might not suck

Just like Mumbai, Sunrisers Hyderabad have a really good scouting system setup and their incredible trust on the Indian youngsters is just the best in the league. Despite having a struggling middle order, the franchise decided to go ahead and trust the Indian talents in Abdul Samad or Virat Singh. 

Must say, I’m very impressed by the way they have set up their Auction strategy, which unlike the other franchises is not you go I go kind of a decision. Another impressive thing is how they managed to rope in the experience of VVS Laxman and Muttiah Muralitharan and team them up for a super combination. Mohammad Nabi’s invaluable experience might just help the franchise alongside Rashid Khan’s incredible control and domination. 

They might, however, need the shade of luck, which would come with Trevor Bayliss but thank god, the rules have changed, so they can’t win on the back of boundary rules or can they?

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