WATCH, BBL 2022 | ‘Honest’ Aaron Finch asks umpires to double-check despite taking excellent diving catch off Daniel Sams

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Cricketers, due to the ‘spirit of cricket’ theory, often receive heavy criticism if they try to act cleverly on the field despite mistakes. However, Aaron Finch did the exact opposite on Sunday when he asked the umpires to go upstairs despite grabbing a sharp catch diving forward at extra cover.

On Sunday in Melbourne’s Docklands Stadium against Syndey Thunder, Aaron Finch did something on the field while representing Melbourne Renegades which attracted a lot of attention. After opting to bat, the Thunder were 57/3 in nine overs, with Daniel Sams being the new man at the crease. 

Finch, during the 10th over, bowled by Andre Russell, was placed at the short extra cover. The first ball that Russell bowled was on a good length which was pitched just outside the off stump. Sams tried to play it through the cover, but only to get an edge before it went to Finch’s hands. It was not an easy take by Finch, who dived forward to get his finger underneath the ball to complete the wicket.

Yet, Finch was not sure about the catch. Hence, he asked the on-field umpires to check it again whether it was a clean take or not. While Russell and the other Renegades players were celebrating, Finch kept his calm until the replay on the big screen, which showed the ball did carry to Finch  Therefore, Sams had to walk back to the pavilion after scoring just 1 off 2 balls.

Here’s the video:

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