Women’s Asia Cup Final | Twitter reacts as Sneh Rana kisses batter goodbye in epic sendoff to add salt to Sri Lanka's wounds

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Sports can really be brutal at times, and it gets worse with the opposition’s contrasting joy. No one knows that better than Sri Lanka whose tailspin in the final was further made embarrassing by India’s Sneh Rana after she gave a flying kiss send-off to Malsha Shehani following a soft dismissal.

Sri Lanka upset Pakistan in a thrilling semi-final to make it to the final of the ongoing Women’s Asia Cup to face India but the islanders never really stood a chance against the continental giants. Having lost to the Women in Blue by 41 runs in the tournament opener, the Lionesses are headed towards an ultimate humiliation in the summit clash as their score reads 27/7 after 11 overs having opted to bat first.

The damage was instigated by Renuka Singh’s three-wicket haul with some exciting swing bowling in the powerplay but it was not long before the spinners took over on the dry Sylhet pitch. All of the Lionesses’ troubles really came to head in the ninth over, with one sequence of events perfectly summing up their miserable afternoon.

Facing off-spinner Sneh Rana on the third delivery of the over, Malsha Shahani callously pushed at a fullish delivery outside off. Shahani showed no will to get her feet to the ball, and rather lobbed it up almost in slow motion straight to Rana's hands. The commentators could not believe the manner of the soft dismissal but the best part was yet to come.

Rana, maintaining a huge grin on her face, chose to further deepen the Sri Lankan’s injury by giving her a flying kiss to wave goodbye when Shahani walked off. The internet went into a frenzy at the sheer savagery of the Indian spinner and quickly took to social media to express their thoughts on the incident.

What a send off!


Let's Go.

7th One!


Smile Kills!

Gone yet again!

Let it come!

Almost gone

Chill Pill

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