ICC World T20 | Twitter bashes umpires for allowing South Africa’s chase against Zimbabwe despite heavy rain

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Umpires receive heavy criticism for their decisions on the field, but there are other reasons as well which lead them to become the villains of the game. During South Africa’s chase versus Zimbabwe, the Hobart weather went from bad to worse with time but the umpires allowed the play to go on.

Heavy rain initially reduced the South Africa versus Zimbabwe fixture in the T20 World Cup to a nine-over affair. However in the end, the match was abandoned and the points were shared after the situation was getting worse with time. The match was called off when South Africa was in control by scoring 51/0 in three overs after Zimbabwe posted 79/5 in their allotted nine overs.

However, since the beginning of South Africa’s chase, there was continuous rain at Bellerive Oval in Hobart. Yet, the on-field umpires, even after watching Richard Ngarava going down at the end of the second over due to a wet outfield, decided the game should go on. Zimbabwe players had no complaints regarding their decision early part of the innings but when they saw it was pouring, they requested the on-field umpires to stop it. There was one break during South Africa’s innings, which forced the contest to a seven-over-a-side match, but the umpires had no interest to reduce it any further. Thus, they decided the show must go on, which eventually did not happen.

With rain coats on!

Life is unfair!

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Big sad story for cricket fans!

Another 5min and Quinton would have smashed innings over!

They had already made their mind to give points to SA!

Be lucky to experience!

ROLF! They finally called off!

Something needs to be done but! You can't compete with nature.


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