BGT 2023 | Twitter in splits as fan emerges hero amidst players' fury to keep umpires from using new ball

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Few countries can boast of being as passionate about a sport as India is about cricket as the fans form an important part of the sport in the subcontinent. However, a fan literally got involved in play on Friday after he managed to find a lost ball in the stands while everyone on the field watched.

India ended Day 2 of the fourth and final Border Gavaskar Trophy Test in Motera on Thursday on a positive note as openers Shubman Gill and Rohit Sharma stamped their authority on the Australian batters. After spending over 150 overs on the field while the Kangaroos piled on 480 runs in the first innings, the duo took full advantage of the flat track on offer to tally 36 runs in the 10 overs they faced without the loss of any wickets. While Rohit struck two balls to the boundary ropes en route to his 17 off 33 balls, it was Gill that stole the show by plundering the only six of the match so far. However, the spotlight was on him only for a brief moment before a fan in the stands decided to take over.

Gill was up against Nathan Lyon in the last over of the day and the fearless youngster decided to take the game to the opposition. He danced down the wicket on the second ball of the over and deposited a flighted ball into the stands with an elegant inside-out shot over mid-on. The SG bustled around the stands before eventually ending up under a tarpaulin beside the sight screens. Deeming the red cherry to be lost, the umpires requested for the off-field official to bring a set of new balls to choose from while the Australian players crowded around the pitch.

Meanwhile, a fan sensed the opportunity to be a hero and made his way right onto the tarpaulin in an attempt to find the ball. The man even signalled the umpires to wait for him to retrieve the ball instead of opting for a new one as he slipped and glided across the seats on the white canvas. When he had no luck for the first few minutes, despite another fan joining on the hunt, umpire Richard Kettleborough tried to get the play to resume by furiously waving his hands and indicating the man to return to his seat. Nevertheless, the determined spectator kept at it and eventually emerged triumphant, the ball in his hand. After enjoying his minute of fame as the crowd cheered loudly, the fan ultimately launched the ball back into the field of play.

The entire incident seemingly caused great amusement to everyone on the field as a player or two could not help but break out in a wry smile. More importantly, Twiteratti was left overwhelmed by the absurd sequence of events and took to the social media to express their reactions.

India got talent in finiding lost balls!😂😂

He might have lost few calories doing that!

What a joy in the end!


Talent India se bahar nai jaana hi!

What a hilarious moment!

Just Indian gully things!

Easy for Gill!

He showed some spirit there!

Yes the only man GILL did it.

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