IPL 2023, DC vs CSK | Twitter in splits over David ‘Rajput’ Warner tempting Ravindra Jadeja with trademark sword celebration

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Hilarious moments on the cricket field make fans happy like never before, and there are certain personalities who are adored by almost everyone due to their charming nature. David Warner and Ravindra Jadeja are two such individuals, and their doings in the middle of a match left the fans in splits.

Thanks to his activity on social media related to Indian content, David Warner is one of the most popular overseas players. The Australian southpaw brought entertainment to his legion of followers yet again on Saturday, this time while being at the crease against Chennai Super Kings at Arun Jaitley Stadium.  

The 36-year-old, while batting against Deepak Chahar during the fifth over of the Capitals’ innings, mistimed a slower delivery, but still went for a risky run. He would have been gone had Moeen Ali, placed at extra cover, hit the stumps directly at the non-strikers’ end. However, Warner, just after diving at the crease, stood up straightaway to go for another single. In fact, he kept himself outside of the crease to tempt Ajinkya Rahane to throw in order to get rid of him. Rahane did throw, and Warner came back at the crease in the meantime. However, when Ravindra Jadeja backed up to collect the ball, Warner even tried to play mind game with him as well to remain outside the crease.

Jadeja knew Warner is having a light moment on the field, and due to that, he threatened the Australian for a throw. Warner, in reply, brought out Jadeja’s trademark sword celebration, and moments after, both of them broke out into laughter. The incident unsurprisingly did not go unnoticed by the Twitterati, and they too joined hands to react to the friendly banter.

That's called moment of the cricket!

He's true entertainer!

He's so cute here!

That's hilarious!

Very very funny!


Never forget this!


David Rajput Bhai!

Hahaha! Saala cross-breed!

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