‌WATCH | Twitter stunned as Shivam and Nitesh effect Super Tackle on Sachin in PKL 

‌WATCH | Twitter stunned as Shivam and Nitesh effect Super Tackle on Sachin in PKL 

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Super tackles are rare in the PKL as it is hard to defend with just three or less men on the mat. With Patna threatening to run away with the game, leading 19-8, UP Yoddhas needed something special and they found it through Shivam and Nitesh who perfectly executed a Super Tackle.

Patna Pirates Raider Sachin had a brilliant outing in the game against UP Yoddhas to give his team a 7 point win in the league on Monday. He managed to collect a total of 15 points in the game to emerge as the leading raider, but the major blip came in his do-or-die raid in the first half. Having sent Anil Kumar back to the bench on the first raid, Sachin followed up by showing way to the bench to Nitesh Kumar and Gurdeep the second time he came across the line. What followed was a quick All-Out, leaving the Yoddhas in a heap of trouble with the score reading 14-6 in favour of the Pirates. 

It did not get any better for UP when the full set of players were re-established as in a matter of a few raids, they were back down to just two men and looking at another swift All Out. Crossing the line with just two targets, fans would have been right in assuming another quick end was on the cards but the Yoddhas had other plans. Sachin tried to get Shivam at the right corner, but went too deep which allowed Nitesh to join the action and get him with a double ankle hold. Shivam joined in as well by holding the Patna raider’s arms and bringing him down. Despite repeated attempts to steer clear, the two men proved too strong for the star raider, as he finally conceded defeat to their efforts. 

Although this brought down the lead deficit of the UP Yoddhas to nine points, it did not help as UP eventually fell short by seven points. The Twiterati were left awestruck after the manner in which the two men managed to control the star raider. 

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