VIDEO | Kagiso Rabada plays with Lasith Embuldeniya’s ego to dismiss him with fist bump

VIDEO | Kagiso Rabada plays with Lasith Embuldeniya’s ego to dismiss him with fist bump

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The great West Indian teams of the yore had fast bowlers who had put fears of God in the minds of batsmen thanks to their intimidating gestures. Kagiso Rabada could well have been perceived as one of them when he dismissed him by playing with Lasith Embuldeniya’s ego with a smiling fist bump.

He is fierce and ready to trade ice with fire, anyday. The true heir apparent of Dale Steyn’s colossal legacy, Kagiso Rabada doesn’t shy away from challenging the batsmen with few stares and even words. With words having a serious repercussion nowadays, as he and Shannon Gabriel would attest in unison, Rabada brought a style of sledging that was unique as well as quite effective too.

When he came to bowl the 60th over, his eyes were lighting up with fire, but he was posing a picture of calm before taking the mark. On the first ball of the over, he drew Embuldeniya forward with a full ball, and in the process, he found the ball to move away, thus beating the bat. The ball actually sneaked under Embuldeniya’s bat to confuse him altogether. After seeing the batsman failing to play that, Rabada walked up to the batsman and punched his glove with a smile. While that act drew a smile from Embuldeniya’s end, it also affected his ego and made himself vulnerable in that count.

On the very next delivery of the over, Embuldeniya stayed leg-side to loft Rabada’s full-ball over the top but ended up slicing the ball than middling it. Dale Steyn was alert at mid-off and kept his eye on the trajectory of the ball before gobbling that up on a backward run. Rabada had the last laugh in the battle and ended up making Embuldeniya looking like a kid in the battle of ego. 

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