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VIDEO | Chris Gayle left irritated after Chris Gaffaney wrongly gives him out twice on two consecutive balls

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VIDEO | Chris Gayle left irritated after Chris Gaffaney wrongly gives him out twice on two consecutive balls

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It is very surprising to see Chris Gayle losing his cool even in the most intense situation but Chris Gaffaney managed to bring that side to the fore today. After Gaffaney raised his finger against Gayle twice consecutively, which was nowhere close to being out, Gayle, for a moment, lost his cool.

Chris Gayle is a gift to cricket and it is only when he leaves the sport, people would realise what they have lost. A cricketer, who loves to play cricket in a very happy frame of mind and has a pure entertainer’s soul, was having his last hurray in international cricket and from the looks of it, it seemed like he was in to enjoy every moment that the game brings. However, after being given out twice on two consecutive legal deliveries, he was not really the Gayle that the world fell in love with. He was ANGRY.

On the penultimate delivery of the third over, Mitchell Starc took the ball in the deck, and as is his wont, Gayle went for a hoick straight away. However, he missed it altogether as the ball went for the wicket-keeper. Australia thought Gayle had managed an edge on it and they appealed for it and then found out that umpire Chris Gaffaney also had a similar thought running in his head. 

He raised his finger instantly but as quick as he was in raising it, Gayle also raised his hand to signal the third umpire to review the call. Third umpire Marais Erasmus checked the replay and concluded that there was no edge involved and the ball had kissed the stumps but the bails remained unmoved.

While that was okay - it happens on a regular basis - but the same thing happened on the very next legal delivery as Starc’s yorker took Gayle aback failed to get his bat down and it rapped him on the pads. While Gayle was amazed by the delivery, he was left totally irritated when the umpire raised his finger yet again. Gayle knew that the ball was clearly missing leg and the opener once again went for the review. By then, Gayle was not in his zone anymore and was angry while the ball tracking showed that the impact was outside leg. 

The umpire, however, remained third time lucky as Starc once again rapped him on the pads but this time, the impact was on the line and the third umpire had a fairly easy decision to make. Gayle was not happy at all and was seen walking back to the pavilion with a lot of anger on his face.

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