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Twitter reacts to ‘lazy’ Ravi Ashwin’s comical running resulting in embarrassing run out

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Ashwin was one of the three Indians to get run-out today


Twitter reacts to ‘lazy’ Ravi Ashwin’s comical running resulting in embarrassing run out

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R Ashwin might have the greatest cricketing brain, and he might be the best spinner since Murali, but there is one thing he’s worst in the world at: running between wickets. Today, the cricketing scientist embarrassed himself by failing to make the ground thanks to some unbelievably lazy running.

There are not a lot of things on a cricket field you can brand as a ‘meme’ but Ravichandran Ashwin’s running is certainly one. Be it running between the wickets whilst batting, or merely chasing the ball whilst fielding, Ashwin’s unathletic outlook onever ceases to amaze and leaves fans in splits. His running famously ensured India drew a match they should have won back in 2012 in Wankhede against the Windies, where his refusal to complete a second run resulted in India levelling the target instead of surpassing it. His shenanigans today at the SCG did not have such a catastrophic outcome, but, nevertheless Ashwin’s running, not for the first time, ended up hurting India.

Having lost both Pujara and Pant in quick succession, India were in danger of getting bowled out cheaply and the onus was on the duo of Jadeja and Ashwin to rebuild. Having added 10 runs, they seemed to be gliding along well, but Ashwin’s moment of madness brought a premature end to the stand. 

On the second ball of the 92nd over, Jadeja drove an overpitched Cameron Green delivery to mid-off. Though the fielder was inside the circle, he had placed it well, so an extremely easy single was on the cards. However, what was a regulation run turned into an embarrassing run out thanks to Ashwin’s lack of awareness and agility. 

Though Jadeja rightfully took off after placing the ball, Ashwin was slow to react. He still could have made the striker’s end with ease but flabbergastingly, a lazy, indolent effort from the off-spinner saw him fall short of his crease. The fielder did not inflict a direct hit, yet so abominable was Ashwin’s effort that he was well short of his ground despite Labuschagne collecting the ball and taking the bails off in his own leisurely time.

Horrible runout


India's runout woes

Fans are fuming right now

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