VIDEO | Ish Sodhi responds after reporter asks him to answer in Hindi after after India clash

VIDEO | Ish Sodhi responds after reporter asks him to answer in Hindi after after India clash

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Ish Sodhi was asked by a reporter to answer in Hindi during the post-match press conference after New Zealand's emphatic win against India by 8 wickets at the Dubai International cricket stadium on Sunday. Sodhi, who was born in Ludhiana in India, took the wickets of Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

India were restricted to 110 as none of their batsman could cross the 30-run mark. Later, New Zealand chased down the target with as many as 33 balls remaining. 

Ish Sodhi was adjudged Player of the Match for taking two wickets and bowling 9 dots in his four overs for 17 runs. During the post-match press conference, the 29-year-old was asked to explain the changes a bowler needs to make while bowling in the different halves of the game. The twist to the question came when the journalist asked Sodhi to answer in Hindi. 

Though in English, Sodhi was spot on with his reply. 

“My Hindi is gonna be tested here, sir. I think if my mum is watching this and if I say something slightly wrong, she would give me a hard time about it. So, I will answer in English this time around but hopefully, I can develop my Hindi better,” said Ish Sodhi after the match between India and New Zealand," Sodhi told the reporter. 

Observing is the key: Ish Sodhi

Sodhi said that New Zealand took note of the previous games played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium to undertstand the nature of the pitch and other conditions. 

“I think adapting to conditions is a big thing we speak about a lot. We had to judge by the last couple of games played at Dubai stadium and with the bubble life, you have a chance to look at the conditions, come and see the ground before you actually get a chance to play. Today was the first time we ventured into this ground. So a lot of our understanding has been from watching other games,” concluded Ish Sodhi.

New Zealand have jumped to third spot after the win and they next face Scotland on November 3. 

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