BAN vs IND | Twitter reacts to KL Rahul's 'back your gut feeling' gesture after losing DRS

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It is a tough job for captains to get their DRS call correct and especially in case of the LBW, they have to rely on the other fielders. However, KL Rahul predicted the inside edge correctly on a LBW appeal against Bangladesh but it all went in vain as a fielder convinced him to go for referral.

After taking a lead of 87 runs in the first innings, India reduced Bangladesh to 70/4 on day 3 at one point of time. Zakir Hasan was fighting the lone battle against the  Indian bowlers as he scored fifty but was dismissed on 51 later in the day. Apart from bowling very well, the Indians have been pretty accurate around the DRS calls throughout the game and KL Rahul also did one such spot-on judgment. However, it all went in vain as one of the fielders convinced him to take DRS and India lost the review. 

Jaydev Unadkat was bowling the 37th over of the innings and he bowled a delivery seaming in to Zakir Hasan. The ball struck on the pads of the batter and there was a loud appeal from the Indian team. Jaydev Unadkat and Rishabh Pant showed huge excitement but the umpire ruled it as not out. KL Rahul stepped in and he was telling the teammates that there was a clear inside edge. 

However, there was a twist in the tale as someone from the teammates convinced him to for the review. Rahul obliged and went for the review but the slow motion replay clearly showed a big spike on UltraEdge. The review proved Rahul’s judgment to be correct. He was disappointed after the visitors lost the review and expressed his displeasure immediately. 

Rahul was seen tapping both his hands on his head conveying himself to be more firm with his judgment and back it with actions. Twitterati were quick to notice Rahul’s incredible skills and praised him for spotting the inside edge. 

And yes! Lost all the reviews there!


That was clear bat involved!

Yeah! Definetly!

No! He didn't take that. It was forced!

Hahahaha! Is it?

No trust!

ok! It's fine.

Yes! he was...

Very bad!

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