Sachin Tendulkar can relate to what Virat Kohli is going through, asserts Ajay Jadeja

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Former India batter Ajay Jadeja asserts that Sachin Tendulkar is the only batter who can relate to what Virat Kohli is going through right now. Virat Kohli has been unable to score runs in all three formats of the game for quite some time and did not have a great IPL as well this year.

Virat Kohli has not been able to score big runs for the Indian team for quite some time now. The right-handed batter had a forgettable IPL this season as he could not do much with the bat and registered three golden ducks during the season. India was scheduled to play South Africa right after the IPL but the star Indian batter was not a part of the series as he was rested alongside captain Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah. 


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In Kohli's absence, the young players did well during the series but made way for him once he was back. Many expected the break would help Virat Kohli regain his form but that was not the case as he has been amongst the runs since his return. Former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja opened up about Virat Kohli's performances and asserted that the only batter who can be related to what he is going through is Sachin Tendulkar. 

“I said this 8 months ago when we were talking about this. I said the only man who can relate to what Virat Kohli is going through is Tendulkar. The only man who he should give a call and say, 'let's have a drink together. Have a nice meal'. Because who else, since starting at age 14 or 15, never had a bad patch? Only moved forward, and reached the heights Tendulkar had reached?” Ajay Jadeja said on Sony six.

Ajay Jadeja further added that he hopes Sachin Tendulkar gives Virat Kohli a call and helps him out because he has been through that.

“So, I can't think of anyone else, because I believe that everything is in the mind. So, he is a call away from Tendulkar. I hope even if Virat doesn't call... it's actually Sachin who should give him a call. Sometimes, young people are in that phase. When you are older, since you have been through that, it's your duty to make that call. I hope Master does that," Ajay Jadeja added.

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