My purpose was to show how far a journalist can go to get an interview, reveals Wriddhiman Saha

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Wriddhiman Saha has stated that he wanted to show to the world how far a journalist can go to get an interview while speaking on controversy surrounding threatening messages sent to him by Boria Majumdar. Saha also added that he has done such things before and so the wicketkeeper revealed messages.

On February 19 of this year, Wriddhiman Saha called out a journalist for using intimidating language on Whatsapp. Saha had denied his request for an interview and the screenshots showed that the journalist had threatened him for doing so. Saha didn’t reveal the name of the journalist initially but a BCCI committee probed into the matter and Saha informed them about the incident. 

Boria Majumdar was found guilty by the BCCI. Reflecting on the incident, Saha has revealed that the journalist has done such things in the past as well. 

“My purpose was to show that a journalist can go to these lengths to get an interview. I got to know later that he has done such things before as well, that is why BCCI stepped in and punished him. I didn't speak initially because I'm under contract with BCCI,” Saha told Sports Today.


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BCCI took disciplinary action against the journalist and Majumdar was banned for two years by the governing body. He has been banned to cover matches as a member of the press or getting interviews with the players. Saha stated that Majumdar didn’t show any regret for his action and so he went public with the screenshots. 

“I also didn't feel like speaking about it in the first place, because at the end of the day, everyone has their own careers. But if the other person doesn't even have any regret, how long can you stay silent?” he stated. 

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