BBL 2022-23 | Twitter reacts as Adama Zampa's boldness turns into embarrassment with rare reversal of 'Mankad'

BBL 2022-23 | Twitter reacts as Adama Zampa's boldness turns into embarrassment with rare reversal of 'Mankad'

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Adam Zampa was involved in a bizarre moment of the BBL 2022-23


(Melbourne Stars)

Bowlers have been handed the weapon of Mankad for running out batters on the non-striker's end trying to steal a few yards. Adam Zampa decided to bring the rule into play on Tuesday but failed to execute it properly, thus failing to dismiss the batter despite catching him short of the crease.

Melbourne Renegades and Melbourne Stars were up against each other in match no. 27 of the BBL 2022-23. Renegades posted a total of 141/7 in the first innings but the most intriguing moment of the fixture unfolded in the last over of the innings. Adam Zampa was bowling the penultimate ball of the over and he decided to run out the batter at the non-striker’s end. 

Zampa was midway in his action on the fifth ball but pulled out suddenly in his follow-through. Tom Rogers had taken a start from the non-striker’s end and was well down the crease. Zampa took advantage of the situation and immediately disturbed the stumps claiming a run-out. Rogers was not happy with the appeal and had started to walk off before the umpire stopped him. The incident was followed by some excellent umpiring and the decision was sent upstairs. 

The third umpire checked the replays and they showed that the bowler had completely rotated his arm before pulling out of the action and running the batter out. The third umpire ruled it not out stating that the bowler’s arm has passed the verticle, the dismissal is not legitimate. With the umpire’s decision, what appeared to be a bold move from Zampa turned into an embarrassment. 

Twitterati were quick to react to the incident and there was an intense debate around the controversial decision. 

It's not out

Right call



Hopefully does

This will be remembered

Good one

Who are you with?

True that


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