IPL 2023, CSK vs KKR | Twitter reacts as KKR cheerleaders' lucky escape saves them from Dube’s sumptuous six

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Armed with pom-poms, cheerleaders with their respective teams’ colours show support from the sidelines but on rare days they too face injury scares despite not taking the field. One such incident happened on Sunday when Shivam Dube hit straight to them until they saved themselves by moving quickly.

Coming to play a do-or-die fixture against Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders put up a spirited performance at Chepauk after coming to bowl first. The visitors restricted the four-time champions to 72/5 after 11 overs, with the opposition failing to hit a boundary in six overs. With Shivam Dube and Ravindra Jadeja in the middle, they were bound to break the shackles in some time, and it finally happened after 41 balls. However, instead of his shot, which was smoked over extra cover, the aftermath of that monstrous hit grabbed all the attention.

It was the fifth ball of the 12th over bowled by Suyash Sharma which was too full and wide and was asked to be punished. Dube gave what Suyash deserved, launching him for six runs to stage a counter-attack. Incidentally, the ball went straight at the cheerleaders, who were sitting on their chairs. The ball hit one of the chairs, and somehow, they all managed to escape from there in a little time. Thankfully, it did not cause any damage, albeit it would have been a serious injury had it struck one of them.

The Twitterati were impressed with the way the cheerleaders saved themselves, and at the same time, they were delighted to see Dube firing from one end while the other failed to play aggressively on a slow and low wicket.

That was scary!

So lucky there!

They got freaking scared!

The best Dube!


He did some damage!

Hahaha! Looks funny😆

He's built different!

He has been different this season!

He's strong out there!

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