CoA sends FIFA the final draft of the AIFF Constitution

CoA sends FIFA the final draft of the AIFF Constitution

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According to reports, the CoA, which is now in charge of overseeing the sport in the nation, on Wednesday forwarded the AIFF final draft of the constitution to FIFA. The procedure was carried out in accordance with the severe time constraints established by the FIFA-AFC delegation.

Additionally, the state associations, represented in the negotiations by a seven-member committee, received the final text of the constitution. “The CoA has sent the final draft constitution to the FIFA today and also given to the state associations," a top source, privy to the development, told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

“The final draft will be sent to the Supreme Court on Thursday, to be filed on Friday (July 15)," the source added. The state associations have no one willing to talk about their side's plans for the future. However, it has been heard that on Wednesday, the state associations received the final text of the constitution.

The seven-member committee had previously stated that they were unhappy with how things had turned out and that the final draught constitution "would not be a text which arose out of the agreement" during a meeting with the CoA on July 6. On June 23, the visiting FIFA-AFC delegation gave stakeholders until July 31 to adopt the national federation's constitution and until September 15 to organise elections, failing which the nation risked being expelled from the international organisation.

The Women's U-17 World Cup, which will take place in three locations from October 11 to October 30, would be removed from the nation if FIFA imposed a suspension. The Supreme Court will have its next hearing on this issue on July 21. A Special General Body Meeting of the AIFF is anticipated to be summoned within seven days following the Supreme Court's approval to accept the new constitution.

After the General Body of the AIFF has approved the new constitution, the elections will occur within 30 days. The CoA, for its part, had moved swiftly within the time limit it had established. After compiling the feedback from the stakeholders, it has completed the final draught constitution on schedule.

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