Pro Kabaddi League | Internet unsure about Patna Pirates' decision-making ability after questionable review against Jaipur Pink Panthers

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Kabaddi is all about agility, speed, and strength, and the players featuring in the Pro Kabaddi League are mostly on top of their game. But at times, one of the aspects that is compromised on-court is the decision-making of the players in tense situations, which can lead to disastrous results.

The seventh match of season nine, between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Patna Pirates, witnessed one of the moments where a poor decision on the court cost one of the teams a review, fairly early in the match. In the first half, Jaipur raider Arjun Deshwal went in for a raid and got a thigh touch on Patna defender Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj. 

As the raider was starting to celebrate the point, Patna skipper Neeraj wanted a review for the touch on the right corner. The replays made it clear that Arjun had made a touch on Yuvaraj; but what was baffling was it was a big touch on the thigh of the defender, one that the latter would have felt. A hasty review, when the captain was unsure of the outcome, did cost Patna to a certain extent; they lost the only review in the starting minutes of the match itself. 

When the incident happened in the ninth minute of the match, Jaipur was leading 7-4, with the latter eventually winning the match 35-30.

Was there a touch?

Review wasted!

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