Internet reacts with fury to Harbhajan Singh laughing at Shahid Afridi's disrespectful Gautam Gambhir remark

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Harbhajan Singh got on the wrong side of Indian fans after he laughed during a news panel discussion when Shahid Afridi took a dig at former cricketer Gautam Gambhir. The latter two have been involved in various altercations but Singh's involvement in the issue did not go down well with some.

Tensions usually run high between India and Pakistan, no matter the field. Cricket is no different and matches between the two over the years have produced some of the most intense battles in the game's history. However, sports is known as a unifying force and players of the rival two teams are often seen shaking off their grudges once they get off the ground but that does not seem to be the case for a certain Shahid Afridi.

A long-time Pakistan captain and one of the most celebrated all-rounders the country has produced, Afridi has made it a habit to get into controversy among Indian fans with some disparaging remarks. Most recently, he appeared on a news panel discussion with Harbhajan Singh to discuss the India-Pakistan clash at the Asia Cup, where he was asked about his relations with his former rivals.


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Afridi, who had a rather infamous showdown against Gautam Gambhir in the middle of the pitch at an ODI in Kanpur in 2007, admitted to only having sour relations with the former Indian opener while claiming 'he is the sort of character no one likes even in the Indian team.' While such a comment was expected from the 42-year-old, what has drawn the internet's attention is the manner in which Harbhajan reacted. One of India's most decorated spinners who won World Cups with Gambhir in 2007 and 2011, Singh let off a laugh which has infuriated the Indian contingent for being disrespectful towards his compatriot. 

Bhaji laughed it off!


Totally Unexpected!

Everyone loves GG!


He should have said something!

GG is always on fire

They zipped their mouth!

He should clarify.

Not good

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