Virat Kohli needs to find ways to improve, opines Ricky Ponting

Virat Kohli needs to find ways to improve, opines Ricky Ponting

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Virat Kohli is struggling to find form.



Ricky Ponting feels Virat Kohli needs to find ways to improve his game and has to understand if the thing that is bothering him is technical or it is about his mental state. The swashbuckling batter has been unable to score runs as he used to it still remains to be seen when he'll return to form.

Virat Kohli has not enjoyed much success with the bat in the recent past as he has been unable to score runs as fluently as he used to. The right-handed batter was unable to score runs for RCB in the recently concluded IPL 2022 which goes on to show the kind of form he is in. The star batter last scored a century in 2019 against Bangladesh and his struggles since then have been constant. 

Many former cricketers have spoken at length about what Virat Kohli should be doing. Ricky Ponting, the former Australian captain also talked about Kohli's poor run with the bat and shared his opinion. The legendary cricketer took his own example to explain how every cricketer goes through a phase like this in their career. 

“It (poor form) is going to happen to everyone at some stage. Virat’s probably had a 10 or 12-year run where hasn’t had many down times,” Ricky Ponting said during an episode of the ICC Review.

The Australian cricketer also talked about the conversations regarding how tired and worn out Kohli must be during the IPL 2022. 

“But there was a lot of talk and conjecture around the IPL about how tired and burnt out he might be. That’s for him to work out and assess and find ways to improve, whether it’s a technical thing or a mental thing," he said.

Ponting took this a step further and said that there are times when a cricketer does not want to think that they are not tired physically or mentally. He feels that Virat Kohli might be going through the same thing.

“One thing I do know from experience is that quite often you bluff yourself as a player that you’re not actually tired, that you’re not physically or mentally tired. You always find a way to get yourself up for training, you always find a way to get yourself up for game. It’s not until you actually stop and have a couple of days do you realise how tired and fatigued you are" Ponting said.

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