IPL 2023, RCB vs MI | Twitter screams in unison with Virat after DK-Siraj mixup gives Rohit lifeline

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Virat Kohli is one of the most expressive characters in the cricket world and he never holds himself back from displaying emotions. The Indian star batter showcased it once again when he gave a loud reaction after Rohit Sharma survived due to a collision between Dinesh Karthik and Mohammed Siraj.

Mumbai Indians are up again Royal Challengers Bangalore in their tournament opener of the IPL 2023 and are in a bit of trouble losing three wickets early in the game. RCB bowlers grabbed some of the attention by taking early wickets but the most noteworthy incident of the innings so far occurred when Rohit Sharma’s catch was dropped due to a chaotic moment in the field. 

Mohammed Siraj was bowling the fifth over of the innings and he decided to attack Rohit Sharma with a short delivery. The bowler bowled a short ball on the penultimate delivery of the over and Rohit opted for his trademark pull shot. However, the shot was mistimed and it took a top edge. Dinesh Karthik immediately raced toward the ball to grab the sitter while Siraj also took off toward the ball to ensure the dismissal. 

However, both of them were not cautious enough to look at the other and ensure that any other player is not going for the catch. As a result, there was a collision between the duo and both of them were down for a while. Virat Kohli also displayed his expressive element and showed his emotions upon the incident. 

Twitterati also joined Kohli’s reaction and they flooded the social media platform with emotions. 

Terribly nasty!

Oh my God!

Terrible that

Match interrupted

Love to snatch

Not asking only


Missed opportunity

Unreal finish

Gets a life!

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