IND vs AUS | Indian bowlers' ability with reverse-swinging cannot be ignored, opines Usman Khawaja

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Usman Khawaja has stated that the ability of the opposition bowlers to use the old ball effectively will be crucial amongst all the talk about how spin can trouble the visitors. He further stated that the plans from the batting unit should be adaptable to tackle spin as well as fast bowling.

The fans can expect an exciting clash between Australia and India in the upcoming Test series as the visitors are coming in with a lot of preparation. The team prepared similar kinds of pitches like the subcontinent to develop their batters' game against the spin which will be crucial in India.  They are currently in Bengaluru for a four-day training camp ahead of the first game starting on February 9. 

There has been a lot of talk about how R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, and Axar Patel can play a vital role with assistance on the pitches for them. However, Usman Khawaja has presented a different perspective regarding the series with an opinion that reverse swing can be a key factor in the series. 

"Going to Pakistan it was a lot of spin talk and I found the reverse swinging ball difficult. I played a four-day game here in 2018 and a lot of the talk was spin and probably forget a bit how damaging both team's fast bowlers are with the reverse-swinging ball, a wicket that might be a bit up and down,” Khawaja said to reporters.

"Having the game ebb and flow between spin and fast bowling, dry periods, periods where it will score quickly…think that's great about this team, the experience we do have.”

Carey is known to often tackle spinners using a lot of sweeps during his stay at the crease. However, the batter stated that he will consider the nature of the pitch and the bowler he is facing to prepare a game plan. Also, the batter indicated that the team will work collectively but each individual will have different strategies while facing the opposition bowlers. 

"I like to sweep in most circumstances, most formats, then [it's] playing the condition. We went to Galle for two Tests and they were two different wickets. So be open-minded about what we are going to come up against, what team they put on the park, and what scenario I come in at,” he stated. 

"We haven't really spoken about it too much, the way as a group we are going to play, it's an individual basis. For Travis it might be exploring that game a bit, Renners [Matthew Renshaw] is a bit taller and can get to the pitch of the ball - he has been here and succeeded - so it's up to the individual to own their game then we back them in to do that.”

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